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'The Myth of Dating Choice' by David D.


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This article: "Women don't choose to be attracted to someone, attraction happens at the instinct level and this is how you can trigger attraction in any woman."

- Attraction is not a choice
- Humor outperforms good looks as an attraction tool for women, always
- Being ‘Cocky & Funny’ is the fuel that sparks the humor that starts the fire of attraction
- Opening moves need to focus humor with interest and open subject conversations

Double Your Dating eBookNow that I’ve given you the straight facts, let’s step back and I’ll tell you a story about some guys I’ve seen. Heck, I’ve even replied to desperation emails from some of them too.

Some guys are walking around with their hands in their pockets, they see a hot woman and they just keep walking.
- They don’t smile at her
- They don’t say ‘Hello’ or pass along a quick compliment or the beginning of a cocky comment
- They barely even breathe when the hot woman walks by
These are the same guys that know they’ve just missed an opportunity to meet a hot woman. And their self-confidence takes one more step into the dungeon of being dateless.

To these guys I must say:
It’s time to change your attitude about women first and we’ll work on your self-confidence second.

A woman can be an incredible ten, a hot 8 or maybe even a just dashingly interesting 4, but these women are all the same.
She walks, talks, eats, wears clothes. She has hobbies and interests.
And most importantly:
She wants to share her time with a guy that is funny, clean cut, looks good in the clothes that he wears, and most importantly, can make her laugh.
This is the guy that will stir her initial interest, create that first spark of attraction towards him.
This “First Attraction” is not chosen by her, it’s forced upon her by a guy that has the cocky and funny attitude and the self-confidence to talk to her and make her laugh. Make her laugh at the world around her, close up and personal. Make her laugh at herself, from a funny perspective that they guy creates.

Attraction is not a choice. There is no selective breeding in what sparks interest from a woman towards a guy. Beyond being a prince, Prince Charles had not created real attraction in Diana. You don’t need to have wealth or a title to be “The Man” that she wants to be with.


Man, man man! I have got to tell you! I was a skeptic at first.....really.....I was! Because I thought that being C&F was somehow trying to be mean, but it's actually the opposite!

I was at school (well, not really school, but college) in the student cafe, chilling, and a good friend of mine (a really attractive girl that I've had my eye on for a while) sat down next to me.
Her: "hi."
Me: "Oh, hi there, (her). So what's up?"
Her: "Well, I just passed that big psychology test with a 95."
Me: *smiles* "Cool. So how do you think this'll effect your grade?"
Her: *laughes* "Ah, well it probably won't do much."
Me: *smiles* "Nah, it probably won't. It's not like you actually know the material, everybody knows you probably cheated. Heh."
Her: *laughs* "Hey"
Me: *Mocking her (she has a squeaky voice)* "Hey!" lol. C'mon now, both you and I know that you know the back of your eyelids more than you know about that class. All you do in there is sleep!
*I then lay my head down and start making mock snoring noises. She loved that! We talked some more and later, I finally got her phone number and I called her and we arranged plans for a lunch date. Cool! The thing is, is that you are actually being NICER by being C&F because you are giving her what she wants, and making her feel special around you! NOW I GET IT! THANKS MAN! YOU DEFINITELY KNOW YOUR STUFF!!

David D’s Comments:


Yea, you know, that was probably a bad idea to actually say something INTERESTING AND FUNNY to her.

When she said "hi" to you, you probably should have just acted shy and nervous, and hoped that if you were nice enough over the next 6 months that maybe she'd notice you and fall in love magically.

You probably should have just told her what a great job she did on her test, and how maybe she could help you study sometime (as a subtle and dumb-ass way to hint that you like her).

You know, you're RIGHT about one thing:
When you're Cocky & Funny (and you're ACTUALLY funny when you're doing it), you ARE giving women what they want.

Go figure. You get to actually have fun, not kiss ass, AND be successful with women.

Thanks for the great story.


Now, I want you to do something CONSCIOUSLY this week.

I want you to do the following with the next 5 women that you talk to over the next few days... (these should be women that you would be interested in dating):
1) Smile all the time.
2) Be very nice, cordial, and friendly. Use no sarcasm, and don't tease.
3) Act as if you really "like" the woman you're talking to... and as if you're "interested" in her.
4) Give her lots of compliments.
5) Optional: Politely say "You probably have a boyfriend, right? Can I take you out sometime?"

Pay careful attention, and notice how the women respond to you.
And I’m going to let you in on a most important secret:
If you are the type of guy that lets the hot woman walk past you, you can learn to become the guy with the quick comment and ‘Hello’ at the ready for any woman that comes near you.

Sooner rather than later you can become the self-confident guy that women actually want to get to know and will chase after.

I personally went from not knowing how to even talk to a woman I didn't know to being able to get dates with even the most beautiful women... and I practice what I preach.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.


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