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Why Being The Nice Guy Shuts You Out Of Dating Women

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This article: "We're not talking about the wussy that tries so hard to please women he bores them to death. We're talking about being cocky, funny and gentlemanly at the same time. Always a winner with women."

To watch some video examples of the Cocky & Funny dating technique, the ability to read body language and how you can use these skills to attract women, then click on the link here or at the end of this article.

Hey you! When’s the last time you opened a door for a girl?

Double Your Dating eBookLet her walk in the room in front of you?

Open her a beer?

Help her on with her coat?

I could go on but you’re smart enough to know where I’m going with this.

Now, you’re going to read more about this in the “Double Your Dating” ebook, but here it is for you to munch on right now:

Chivalry is NOT dead!

Being this type of NICE is not counter to the “Cocky and Funny” attitude that works so well with women.

In fact, it’s exactly the counter-balance that women find irresistible… you’re cocky, funny, bratty, teasing... then all of the sudden the gentleman switch is flipped and you’re the ultimate in James Bond manners towards women.


And women cannot help but be attracted to this type of guy.

So you see a girl and walk up to her and say “Nice hair. Is it really that windy out?”

And you’re a brat, she has to respond to you.

And she’s going to say “It’s not windy out!”

And you say “Good, my Benjamin Franklin glasses are in my other jacket!”

She’s going to look puzzled and then you say to her, as a way of introduction, “Actually my name is Dave and I’m not the discoverer of electricity. What’s your name?”

Hot Woman on beachAnd you’re in.

You have her name, you have the beginning of a great conversation and you can just continue with her on many topics right now. New conversation subjects of your choice!

And you’re going to keep with the cocky and funny comedy comments as much as you can. Keep her responses sharp… keep her interest high!

And most of all, you’ll be the guy that she’s interested IN!

And, when you get the opportunity, turn on “James Bond”. Let her see the gentleman that is inside you. Smart, coy and forthright. A no nonsense man with an attractive, cocky, funny attitude!

Make her sparkle as you let her enter rooms in front of you, as you bow out of the way while directing her with your arm into the room.

Take a quick step to your right as you open the door ahead of her. Let her walk through first. Smile.

And remind her about how the last time you saw shoes like that they were on the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie … with Toto the dog… the girl is swept out of Kansas by a twister… (at this point she should help you with the title, “The Wizard of Oz” but keep going with hints if she doesn’t), there are gremlins or munchkins or something…

Yes, that’s it, cocky and funny anywhere you have her within your grasp.
James Bond suave whenever there is opportunity to impress her with your manners.

CAUTION: There are boundaries to being the nice guy and getting what you want out of women. If you become her "confidant", if she relies on you to moan and groan about the things in her life... complaining about her jerk boyfriend is a great example... if this is you, you'll lose the girl every time. You know why?

You've become her "girlfriend", you are her "best friend" of the guys she'd NEVER date.

Do you really want to be her "big sister"? Or do you want to date her?

Keep Reading... I have the solutions for what ails you...

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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