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Six Things That Attract Women


This article: "If there is no excuse, except for yourself, for why you can't meet women, then it's time to turn things around and fast. Here are six things that attract women and how you can control these things."

Double Your Dating eBookLearning how to create attraction has to be the number one reason why guys send in email questions. Because they just don’t get it. And even when shown the open doorway to creating attraction they are too scared to walk through. A lack of confidence in themselves is the reason why many men fail. They fail at meeting women. They fail at great first impressions. They fail at talking on the phone and yes, they even may get that all important first date but they put themselves out on a shaky limb, the girl instinctively feels his lack of confidence and she loses interest in him faster than a snowflake melts in hell.

For a guy to be successful with women he has to be in control of six things:
1. Means
2. Power
3. Fame
4. Looks
5. Exclusivity
6. Personality

Now let’s break this down:

Means: how you can afford wealthy items, expensive gifts for yourself and those around you. Can you afford extravagance? If yes, then you hate the Means.

Power: To have power you must be a leader with the ability to lead people, not being a follower. You are decisive, in control of events around you can provide safety for those in your crowd.

Fame: You are well known outside of your own circle of friends for an achievement of sorts.

Looks: They way you look, being able to look great, stand tall (height is a great part of your looks), dress sharply, cleanly.

Exclusivity: Are you hard to get with because of a certain affiliation, do you have a royal heritage (Prince Harry has no problems with the girls, no matter what he does!), do you keep your circle of friends tight around you that will require additional work for someone to be able to meet you?

Personality: Are you creative? Romantic? Funny? Easily well liked? Do people walk across the room to hear you talk, to be in your presence?

These six things that you need to be in control of, which is the easiest for you to control in the next 20 minutes? Will you be richer in the next twenty minutes? Will you gain power of people and events? Not likely! You won’t get better looking, you won’t have people walking in your shadow trying to catch up to you, you have no exclusivity! That leaves us with your personality.

Your personality is the one main thing you can control in any situation, with anyone, in any place. Your personality can shine, sparkle, tease and seduce.

When you can instantly make yourself likeable, friend-ready, dateable and even inspiring, it’s due to a magnetic personality.

It is true that people only see what they want to see. And women in particular are looking for a guy that exudes confidence, is funny and has personality.

When you can talk and be heard, when people cross the room to talk to you, to introduce themselves to you, you are magnetic.

And where can you learn the magic aspects of personality?

My ebook, Double Your Dating is all about personality and becoming ‘cocky and funny’ with women that creates instant, undeniable attraction.

Let’s take a letter from someone that has read the ebook and applied the personality concept to himself with successful results:


Dear David,
Like magic, the use of your advice worked!

Not just one bit of advice like a magic bullet though, it is the combination of all your strategies, techniques and process understanding. It is important to get your book, read your email updates and really "get it". I can't imagine what would happen if I came to your seminars, I would probably be dating the next in line for Queen of England. So I read all the books you recommended to work on my "inner game" Very important and intelligent of you to figure all this out. I never could have done it on my own. You have got my ASM (Automatic Success Mechanism) as per Maxwell Maltz going so extreme that most times I don't even need to make the first move attractive women notice me now. Okay let me give you and example of what I am talking about.

I just walked into a fast food restaurant and noticed a tall, striking blonde (at least a 9.5) who bent over backwards to make sure my order was perfect even took my cash up to the register for me. Well after all that extra attention I thought it must be time to say something, especially after all the "Dave Work" I have been doing. I wanted to say: "You must be an actress or a model" because she is so beautiful, but only a Wuss would say something like that. ASM from my sub-conscience kicked in and I laid back and then casually said "this is a fast-paced environment, do you like it?"

Dave, she began telling me some of the most interesting things. To my surprise, I had to cut her off and then I just merely said "Do you have email?" She said wait a minute I'll give you one of my cards. She left the very busy floor went to the employee break room (I guess) or her car and returned with a business card that she wrote her email address on the back. She then walked me partially to the door, shook my hand and wished me good luck.

Dave, if I wouldn't have read your stuff I would have stayed there, ordered another coke, seemed needy by just hanging out and like I didn't have a life. Her Wuss detector would have wrote me off immediately. Meeting a beautiful woman was the last thing on my mind but the aura I must have now and the abilities I now have are thanks to you. Actually, I intend to master your stuff.

Who knows maybe the Royalty circuit is just waiting for me? I set a goal three weeks ago of dating 4-5 women in six months. Well it’s been three weeks of studying "Dave Stuff" and I already got three new woman in my life and if this one works out that will be four! Plus, since I am not as needy I've got three old girlfriends calling, emailing and sending gifts like never before. Gee, if I ever get time to actually go out and look for women, like at a night club or sporting event, I can't imagine what will happen.

I even got two women on email that are going to fly cross country at their expense to meet me and stay for the weekend. One just got a boob job and wants me to be the first to see and touch her new additions and the other is going to work overtime for three weeks just to pay for the tickets! There is not much more of a powerful testimonial to show how effective your advice actually works for meeting women over the internet.
Sincere thanks
John, L. from Denver

David D's Reply

The Queen of England?
Dude, she's not that hot.

Isn't it AMAZING how differently women respond when you begin to understand and communicate with them in this way?

And the internet is SUCH a great place to apply what you're learning and PRACTICE as well. I learned a lot by chatting with women on instant messaging services, etc.

In fact, if it wasn't for the internet and being able to practice in this way, it would have taken me a LOT longer to figure out a lot of the things that I now use and teach.

And of all the places to REALLY STAND OUT... when you respond to a woman's personal ad with a great Cocky & Funny note, it's like a breath of fresh air. Or when you IM a woman and say "It says here that you're an actress. What, you couldn't get a real job?"

It sets you apart INSTANTLY from all the loser guys who are saying "Hi, you're really pretty. Can I take you out on a date?"

I like your ideas about incorporating self help and personal development into your routine. I've read a lot of great self help books, and they have helped me to deal with my "personal stuff" and feel more comfortable in my own skin in general.

Great job, and congratulations on your success.

****End of letter****

This success is not limited to the guys that have control of the first five thing we talked about that attract women. It’s all about personality and how you can manage yourself. You’ll notice as well that once your personality does make you a attractive person, the first five things either fall into place or are overcome by your personality in a great way.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from guys saying things like "This stuff has completely changed the way I think about women" and "Now when I interact with women, I'm the one in control because I understand what's going on in their minds" etc.

As men, I think that most of our programming is backwards when it comes to women and dating. And if you want to learn how to think forwards and get the kinds of results that most men will only dream of all their lives, then I recommend that you check out my ebook.

I know that information contained in it will improve your dating success just like it's improved mine.

It's the foundation for everything that I teach in these articles, and it will make everything work better for you.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




(c) Robert Lee, and David DeAngelo Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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