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Double Your Dating eBook Hey Guys,
This week we're going to get into some emailed questions and my answers about the subject of self-doubt around women. Besides rejection, having self-doubt around women is the hardest obstacle to meeting women and getting dates. As people we judge someone quickly based on their appearance, their body language and their sexiness. And any one of these factors can make a guy stumble in his approach and fail to get her name, number, etc.

So this is what we'll get into here:

*** QUESTION ***

Hi Dave,
I've got a few questions for you that I need help with:

1. You always reiterate not being a wuss, but what type of things/actions should I be saying to act like a man? Should I be cussing my head off in front of her and threaten with a back-handed slap her owner? (laughing)

2. I was wondering what does it mean when you're in a club/bar type of scene and a woman is drinking (water or whatever) and she is giving me eye contact? Is she interested in me or just dick-teasing?

3. Also how cocky should I be, because I don't want to come across as arrogant? I'm a rookie in the game (18), and I've noticed that women give me signals (e.g. looking), but my insecurities kick in, and before I make a move I want to be sure that she's really interested in me, rather than playing the fool.


First answers to your questions:

1) To answer your question about whether to cuss your head off in front of a woman and threaten with a back-handed slap, (laughing)...
NO. Don't laugh at all while you do it.

2) In response to the "what does it mean when a woman is giving me eye contact" question...
It means that she's gay.

3) To address your question about how cocky you should be...
You should be exactly 87.234235% cocky. No more, no less.

OK, OK, I should be more gentle with you. I sure wish that I would have been asking these questions when I was 18.

Maybe I just envy you, and want you to have to go through the school of hard knocks like I did. OK, enough self-therapy... back to the questions.

Ways to act like a man include (but are not limited to):

1) Holding yourself upright, chest held high.

2) Acting like a LEADER, not a follower.

3) Not looking to others for approval and attention.

4) Demonstrating that you are in control of yourself and your surroundings.

When a woman makes repeated eye contact with you, she's usually signaling to you that she'd like you to approach her and start a conversation. That's the "GO" signal. If you hesitate here, then her interest level in you will fall drastically. One of my favorite things to do is when I've caught her eyes, I make a gesture for her to meet me away from where she's sitting. Moving her to a neutral ground area helps me to stand out and her to lose the safety of her carefully guarded place in the bar.

The right amount of Cocky is the same amount of Funny. You always want to make sure that what you're saying is FUNNY as well as COCKY. Guys who use TOO MUCH Cocky come across as arrogant and insecure.

You'll learn a lot as you use this stuff. Go through the ebook again and re-read chapter 2.

Thanks for your email!


Your cd and audio series have done a lot for me, my sex life is almost great (now I only have 2 girls to sleep with!) One is an "8" and the other one is a "3" I know she is a monster but what the hell its great to practice and by the way I am 36 and they are both 22.

Today I was with some friends at a fast food place talking about cars and I made eye contact with a "9". On the way out I only made a funny comment to her and she responded very friendly but we left anyway. When I was in the car I realize how stupid and slow I was.

I hate long letters so here is the question:

How do I program myself to automatically say "Hi" when I see an unexpected opportunity? (Specially if I am thinking about other stuff) I always think in a thousand things that I should say when it’s too late.

I know this can be done because I say "Thanks" when the opportunity appears without thinking or "Bless you" when somebody sneezes.

The girls I sleep with now where introduced to me by friends in common but I still have problems picking up women in the street.


Hi Paul, you're cracking me up over here!

Your sex life is "almost great"?

And my favorite quote of the day has to be "...and the other is a "3" I know she is a monster but what the hell it's great to practice...".

Whatever, dude. lol...

The way to get yourself to the point where you start talking to women automatically is:

1) To mentally practice this stuff every day until you're DOING IT (like you learned in the CD Audio Program)...

2) To keep DOING IT IN THE REAL WORLD until it's a HABIT.

Look, you've been running around on this planet for 36 years with the habit of NOT automatically saying "Hi". It might take a few minutes or so to program yourself with the opposite.

You're doing fine, just stick with it and you'll start to see more and better results.

And the next time you slip up and miss an opportunity and have just left the restaurant, bar, mall, whatever, go back and say to her "My name's Paul. I gotta run but I'd like to talk with you later. Write down your email address for me!" And email her the next day. Or if you got her number, call her the next day. Just don't be a wussy and call her from your cell as you're leaving the parking lot. Don't fall into any wussy habits, OK?


First of all, you are absolutely right about the Cocky/Funny routine. Excellent technique.

I've even "experimented" on a girl friend of mine. She seems be more flirty around me when I am being cocky. I have been friends with her for about a year, and I'm trying to hook up with her.

I know that people say once the "friendship line" is crossed, there's no turning back. But I'm wondering if there is anything you can help me with to try to hook up with her. She's even told me she's thought about hooking up with me, but said it might be weird because we are good friends. I need help, I really want to get something going with this girl. Is there something I should do or say to her? Would it be weird if I all of the sudden just kissed her? Help!


Yea, I have a great idea. Keep doing what you're doing. It's not impossible to make a woman that is "just friends" with you attracted to you.

It's just that most guys act like such wussies around their female friends that it would be easier to turn coal into diamonds than to turn their female friends into lovers.

And use "The Kiss Test" (the one on the second page of my main website at

That will keep the kiss from being "weird".


Hi Dave,
A friend got me your books as a birthday present, being that before then I was pretty pathetic with the ladies,  and with me being a wrestler made it all the more of an insult.

When I did get a relationship, it would never last more than a week, and nothing would come out of it. Well, after reading your stuff I realized how much of a wuss I was. I did almost every wuss thing in the book, not to mention just having a severe lack of confidence around women.

Just to see what works, I went on one of those picture rating sites. I'll tell ya, of 3 pictures I ranked from 6.5 to 9.5. The 6.5 one being me as a well groomed nice guy with a smile and the 9.5 as me a year later in a cast with a "pissed off drug dealer" look (I'd been missing a season or wrestling, it was only fitting).

I realized the nice guy look wasn't working. I also met about a dozen girls on that system and just practiced cocky and funny on them. I was the one calling the shots, dropping the boring ones and sticking to the interesting ones, instead of them choosing whether I was worthy.

The funny part was, they each started telling me how infatuated they were with me, and telling me about dozens of guys who piss them off, where each of those guys were doing things I used to do by nature. Well, after I realized that I actually did have it in me, I brought it all together and started using it on girls back at college. I'm currently going out with one of the hottest girls in my college, and it's you I have to thank for it.


YEA! A guy that actually did the things that I wrote in the book, and found out that they work.


What can I say, other than "keep up the great work"?

Oh, and you're welcome.

...and if you're reading this right now, and you've been thinking to yourself "OK, it's time for me to finally get this part of my personal life handled", then YOU'RE RIGHT.

Make yourself a promise.

Just do something to TAKE ACTION, and get to work on it!

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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