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"The Curse" of Not Getting Physical With Women


This article: "I know how much it hurts when you'll meet a great girl and she'll only just be your friend."

How many times have you felt that you've been scaring women off when you've tried to "make a move" on them?

More often than you'd admit, I'm sure.

'The Curse" is that women have zero sexual interest in you.

And life sucks for you, am I right?

If you're a guy that lacks a powerful sexual personality then making your move on a woman isn't even an option in your playbook.

And you're going to play happy-smiley games with a woman you like in the hopes that she'll actually take your hand and put it under her shirt.

Then hell freezes over.

The truth of "The Curse" is that you're not failing to be sexual with women, because (are you ready for it?) you're not even trying!

One thing I'm certain you have is no experience of getting sexual with a woman. And this lack of experience manifests itself in a lack of confidence of your sexual prowess with women.

So, "The Curse" really is just you defeating yourself whenever you're interested in a woman and don't get anywhere because you don't do anything.

Am I right?

So let's change things up and stop believing in "The Curse" and start believing that you're actually just a "slow starter" with women instead.

Let's have a single technique that can be used at any time to get a woman interested in the sexual personality that so far has been dormant in your life.

Listen closely, here's what you're going to start doing:

When you're with a woman that you really like and you want to move things forward sexually with her but so far you haven't made any sexual moves on her I want you to, at some point of a conversation you're having with her is lean in like you're going to whisper something to her and whisper this: "You're really hot!" then give her a small kiss on her ear lobe.

This technique always tells a woman that you're interested sexually in her without having to beg her for a kiss or even to hold her hand.

A whisper and a kiss.

It really is simple and it works better than any other "trick" you might have been told to turn a woman on sexually.

And "The Curse" will fade into your youthful history because it is now conquered.

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Your friend,
Robert Lee


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