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The Four Letter Word That Every Guy Tries To Get From A Girl


But he’s really too afraid to ask any girl about.

It’s a tough world out there. The social conventions that lead us into and out of relationships have been turned on their heads. It’s next to impossible to even know when to make a move, but also to know what move to make.

And most guys think that if she doesn’t ask him about it then she’s just not interested in doing it with him.

But do you really want to set yourself up for rejection? No, of course you don’t.

What’s worse is do you want to beat yourself up later for not asking her about it?

I am, of course, talking about asking a girl for a date.

Guys are so afraid of rejection that they don’t even ask for a date. They hint around and ask to hang out instead of going somewhere together.

No guts, no glory and what’s worse, no plan.

Guys, if you ask her for a date you might get shot down. But at least you’ll know one way or another whether she will date you. And if she does say yes, then you’re a winner!

And if you don’t ask her, well you lose out 100% of the time, don’t you? And when you don’t ask for that date you have my permission to beat yourself up, over and over again.

There are plenty of websites that will help you, with instructions and examples, that there really isn’t a reason for not asking her out.

The first rule is: Say anything!

Open your mouth, say “Hi” and something like “I like your nails” or “What are you drinking” or “I go to XYZ school what about you?”

They are called “ice-breakers” and what is said is forgotten a few seconds later, as long as it makes sense or is funny.

It doesn’t really matter. You only need to be intelligent and charming, or a bad boy, for a couple of minutes and then get her email and contact her in a day or two.

It’s not rocket science!

Guys that get dates have been doing this for generations!

Yes, rejection is part of the game. But not even making the attempt isn’t. You have to set aside your insecurities around women for just a couple of minutes and open your mouth.

Say something, say anything. But say it to her and her alone.

If you have to lean in and whisper it to her then do it. If you need to write it down on a bar napkin, then do it.

And if you’re still not sure how to conquer your fear of rejection and your insecurities after women, let this guy get you started.

Robert LeeHappy dating,
Robert Lee


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