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The Mixer, The Message, The Date


This article: "You have to be where you can meet a girl and impress her quickly, trade info, and the next day ask for a date. Here's how you do it."

Dating: It's all so hard, these date systems and how they all work, about guy and girl interactions, don't you agree?

Double Your Dating eBookEvery few years a hit book comes out and re-explains the rules of dating. Usually for women (sometimes for guys) the do's and don't's are explained to the smallest detail and what the woman should do, based on a weird combination taken from what the guy does first, gives the woman an idea of what "in this day and age" she should do next.

It is all so hard and confusing for women, really.

For guys, more or less, the basics have remained the same:
- stand out from other men
- be a challenge to her
- don't be available all the time
- don't take on her personal troubles or issues (things rarely work out well for white knights saving the damsel in distress)
- make sure she understands that you are dating her.

Simple, right? Sure it is my friend, you just need to know how to do it now that the "what" has been explained.

Firstly, I'm going to assume that you do go to, or have access to places that the women are. If you don't know this first thing, then look for another article to read from the archive.


Mixers happen all the time for all kinds of people, in all age ranges. This is where you want to go. Maybe your school has mixers, maybe a sports league has a dance for a fund-raiser. Honestly I see these being posted all the time and more now that summer is ending and group sports are starting up again. So watch for the announcements, online and in local shops and newspapers.

The Message

This is where you work yourself up, maybe with a little liquid courage, and decide it's time to make your approach to the women.

You don't want to approach a woman and have no plan whatsoever on what to say to her and what she says to you that will need a cocky reply. (You'll learn how to say "cocky replies" in the ebook.) Women always expect a funny reply, even to just them saying hello to you, so you'll want to practice this.

"The Message" is the part of this cold approach that not only shows off you're a bit of a challenge to her, because you'll keep this conversation short but also that you are interesting and you do want to catch up with her after this event (not in an hour but maybe tomorrow or the day after) and discover more about her "away from this deafening crowd".

(Follow this script that follows, it works almost every time when done correctly.)

When you ask her for her name and number you'll hand her your card that has your name and number, or email, on it. This is a home printed business card (maybe $8 for the paper kit) that you'll hand her (download the samples at the end of this article). Write her name and number or email on a napkin and hand her your card. Tell her you'll try to call her the next day but you have a family luncheon to go to (or some other family matter that cannot be missed) but certainly the day after tomorrow you'd like to get together.

The message that you pass along with this simple script is that:

1) you have a life;

2) you are interested in her;

3) you will call her to make plans with her.

Its your choice is the family matter was cancelled or you call her after this "family lunch" but do call her later in the day (email her if it's all you have).

You're going to say "Hi, this is (my name), remember me from the (place) where we met? I just want to know if you're free to get together tomorrow at 2:00pm (or another good time, except for directly at a customary meal time, remember this is not a meal date). Don't suggest what you'll do together but say if she asks "I think I can come up with something fun to do together".

And say goodbye. Never, ever stay on the phone once the important business of getting this date arranged. A popular rules of sales is "Stop selling the product when you've made the sale" and you need to follow this rule, especially when you're arranging for  a first date with a new girl. So get off the phone, don't linger, don't talk crap about someone, and don't interrogate her about things she might want to do.

Take control and get off the phone.

Your date needs to be interesting and interactive. Museum, park seaboard walks, petting zoo, bowling, volunteering somewhere, you get the idea. A low-impact (laser tag is a no-no) activity that allows for plenty of conversation and a date that is not a meal is the idea here.

You need to plan this date so you have something nice and easy to do together for between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Remember, this is a first date and should not go over 2 hours.

You're going to have a great time. 

To fill in the blanks of this date getting plan I have posted here to be downloaded a Word file that you can open and print on any regular business card template. Some fun pictures, just add your own name, email and phone number and maybe something funny that refers to the picture. This always goes over well as an introduction tool for women you've just met.

Right click here to open and save the name card template (in MS Word.doc format). Edit the file with your own details leaving out what you don't want added.

Then get the Double Your Dating ebook. Within a couple of clicks you'll be reading about meeting women, why women like a guy that is not average, is a bit of a bad boy and is a challenge to women.

Double Your Dating eBookGo, watch the intro video here, and get to work. As a free bonus you'll be signed up for the dating secrets e-letter if you add your email address to the form.

Your friend,
Robert Lee


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