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Things About Men That Attract Women


This article: "Attraction is immediate when you have the qualities a woman is looking for, so prepare yourself for some changes if you want to date great!"

SignsWhat you can do right now to attract women.

There's really no secret to the things that attract women.

The signs are all around us:

  • Fame
  • Fortune
  • Power
  • Money
  • Social position

So, if you win the lottery tonight, you'll have these five things right away.

Go now, buy tickets and win big.

OK, so I'll stop the sarcasm, for a bit anyways.

Double Your Dating eBookWhy spend your last dollar on a ticket when you can DO the things that WILL make a difference towards the women you meet today, tonight and tomorrow.

It's your personality... dude!

Are you a wussy?

Do you "go with the flow" letting others lead and you follow?

Women don't go for that... not the hotties, anyways.

You've got to have a sharp wit, a funny bone that won't quit and keep her guessing as to what will happen next!

I get asked a lot "what is a great first date"? and the answer is "It's the date that you make her enjoy"!

If she is interested enough to want to see you, al la date, then you've got to prove to her that SHE is the lucky one to BE WITH YOU!

Do you see where I'm going here?

Don't worship her... don't make her dating you seem like a gift to you... it's a gift to HER!

For starters, when you get her number or email don't call or send a message right away, do it tomorrow.

Call her, say, "Hey, I'm going to the store tomorrow, did you want to meet up for coffee?"

Make the "date" part of a larger plan that you had for yourself, fitting her into your schedule.

Do you see it now?

Make her follow you.

And bust on her when she's with her friends... not harshly, but enough so that she doesn't know what you'll say next.

And when you're with her alone, get that kiss. After all, you don't want to be her friend, you want to be her boyfriend and she needs to understand that right away.

Don't listen to her moaning and groaning about her problems and issues, say to her "Listen, You'd be fun to date but I'm not a counsellor, can you save that for the friends you don't date?"

If she flakes on you, well, you're better off... she was making you into another one of her "girlfriends" which is NOT what you want to be, right?

Keep her interest in you on the romantic level, not the "friends need to help me with my issues" planet.

No group dates (unless that's the only way you can see her, at the start anyways). Ditch the friends hanging around as soon as you can. Add some excitement into her night.

Stroll the malls.

Kisses in the park.

Drive to the pier.

Make her laugh with you, maybe even at herself.

Tell her you're taking her on a picnic, then tell her what to bring for food and drink, you'll be bringing yourself.

And have the picnic at the museum, in the library's park, at the local firehouse.

Somewhere different.

Somewhere unique.

Something that will give you personality.

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I'm Robert Lee and I wish you greater success with women.

Thanks for reading.




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