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How To Get Her Under My Thumb


This article: It's the girl that has to change her ways.

   Music holds a story and in particular there are songs that hold truths that guys need to hear... this is one of those songs.

Watch the video then continue reading....

Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, has it right... did you listen carefully?

It's the girl that changed for the guy... the guy was doing everything perfectly right and SHE came to HIM...

"Under my thumb, the girl who once had me down..."

Mick is speaking to you!

When you can stand tall, project a great personality, then you will have her changing her attitude around you, and that's what this dating game is all about, right? Having her want you... not you chasing her.

"Under my thumb, the girl who once pushed me around..."

I'm sure you've had an encounter with a real sweetheart of a girl, and you'd do anything for her, like her trick monkey... chirping and dancing at the slightest bit of attention from her... barking like a trained seal for a treat...

... and then, of course, she's run all over you and started dating another guy... you thought you were getting close to dating her but in reality, and in hindsight you see this as true, she was using you to keep herself busy and found happiness with another guy, leaving you in the dust of old memories... not even as a cast-away boyfriend, you didn't even get that first kiss from her, did you?

"It's down to me... the way she talks when she's spoken to, down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb."

You are the responsible one... don't expect any GIRL to come to you and behave the way you WANT her to behave... ain't gonna happen my friend!

But, when you have the power of a positive personality, when you understand what women really do want, then you have them "under your thumb" and you'll have all the women you want.

"Under my thumb, a squirming doll who's just had her day... under my thumb, a girl who's just changed her ways."

And just how does a woman go from bratty and bitchy to tamed and wanting you?

That's the key that you need to learn... this could be a look, a few words spoken to her... it's what's called "attention getting".

And when you have that skill, you have it all, ALL, any woman at all, my friend.

"It's down to me... the way she talks when she's spoken to... down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb."

You have to realize that the power to attract any woman you want is within you, just waiting for the right information to be added to your girl-hungry head so you can act on it... so you can win with women at their own game and with their own dating rules... by throwing out their dating rule book!

"Under my thumb, a Siamese cat of a girl... under my thumb she's the sweetest pet in the world."

When you can identify what turns a woman on, she becomes a slave to your knowledge and actions. She needs you... hear her purr.

"It's down to me... oh yeah, the way she does just what she's told... down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb."

Just who is in control of the situation when you meet a woman? Do you give her all of your power, do you immediately become so infatuated that you just can't even think of the right moves and words to make?

A Freeze-up?

Been there?

Sure you have....

But don't worry... the video is from the 1960's... a long time ago and women haven't changed one bit... not one thing has changed about how they treat men and what they look for in a man.

While all this might be new for you, except for striking out all the time... women have been sharing these dating power tips for ages.

Long before you and I have been around.

But there is good news.... and David Deangelo has it for you.

Now, I'm not going to go into any detail in this article about what David Deangelo can do for you... I want you to read it, and see it, for yourself.

You know what to do next, click here.

Your friend, Robert Lee

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There is no endorsement, direct or implied, by any member, company, organization, or association affiliated with the Rolling Stones or any management companies also, with any product, service or advice provided here.

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