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How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand

Video: Undoing Her Bra


This video: "Your date is going well, everything is going well... you start making out. Do you want to fumble around unhooking her bra? NO... so watch this video."

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When you're prepared for a great date, being THE LOVE MACHINE... watch where your hands go!

THE LOVE STORY: How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand
  • Getting to second base: touching her breasts
  • dextrous finger
  • a spirit of adventure
  • the bra is your enemy
  • warm hands, cold hands are not sexy
  • relax with her and your hand under her top
  • know if the bra fastens in front or the back
  • feel for the hooks in the center of her back or it is a front fastening bra which has hooks in the front, between her breasts
  • pinch and release (needs practice)
  • two-finger-squeeze

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