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Why Can't I Get A Girlfriend?


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This article: "Understanding what is holding you back is the first step towards a solution to getting a good girlfriend. The keys to the dating kingdom are within your grasp."

When you're looking for a for a girlfriend you have to consider that type of person that you are that will attract the right girl.

By asking yourself "Why Can't I get A Girlfriend?" you are on the path to date the girl you really like, even if you're not rich or ripped.

That has to be the most asked question I've ever faced. Every guy, at some point, wonders this very question.

"Why can't I get a girlfriend?"

Attracting females and getting a girlfriend isn't a magical experience, although having a girlfriend if you've never dated before can be.

Take a look at yourself and ask yourself, do you see what the women see?

Are you ugly?

Too short?

Too tall?

Not dressing well enough?

Bad haircut?

Body odor?

Bad breath?


The answer could be a yes to any of the above. Usually though, it's not. (If there is a yes up there, work on what you can change and accept what you can't.) Guys that don't get girls have a fear of women and a fear of relationships.

If you ask yourself those questions then you're already prepared for the answer. It's like the person that asks themselves if they're crazy. If you can ask yourself the question then you're not.

David Deangelo talks about this fear of women in his ebook "Double Your Dating" and has quite a good set of ideas and techniques to help you though this period.

The things that most guys miss out on is the fact that they are not getting dates because of only two things:

* 1) Personality

* 2) Perseverance

These are the keys to getting dates. Even if you've never had a girlfriend before. Women don't really care about most of the things that guys worry about what women think of them.

Carlos Xuma says that when you feel "de-valued" when you're around women it's time to get back to the drawing board of your emotional control around women and start a "cause and effect" list to see where improvement can be started, in baby steps.

You can be insecure about women as long as your insecurity is hidden so that you don't end up being 24 and never dated a girl.

Summed up what guys need to have:

Personality: how you act and react around people. Are you a good conversationalist and a great listener? Do you actively participate in conversations or do you attempt to "hog" conversations, butting in, not giving other participants time to talk? Do you try to change the subject? Do you interrupt?

Are you funny? Are you good humored? Can you make people laugh with you (not at you)?

Do you get upset easily and share your disappointment with anyone within earshot?

People like to be with other people that have a positive personality; people that have "active listening skills" (being able to ask intelligent questions about the subject being discussed, paying attention to the current speaker, and not trying to change the conversation or butt into the group of talkers). Do people naturally gravitate towards you because you are smiling, warm and friendly?

Perseverance: how are you with problems, turns of events, when things don't go your way? Do you get angry and give up or do you hunker down and find alternate solutions? Being able to find a girlfriend is all about taking rain on your parade and hoping for a rainbow. Sure, you'll get some rejection, that's life. But can you make the negative experience of a "No" turn into a learning experience and work towards the next girl's "Yes"?

Guy's feel that, when a girl says no, their life is over. Self-doubt creeps in, ruining all other aspects of their daily life. Miserable, that's what happens. And this negative emotion is so strong that people around you can feel it and are turned off by it/you. You must persevere, you must not only tell yourself, but believe, that this downturn of events is temporary, exceedingly temporary. There is another girl on the horizon, likely a more friendly, more compatible, more date-able girl coming up next.

You have the keys to the kingdom now:



The ball is in your court and here comes the ball-girl now... what will you do?

Here is what should be your next move:
Watch the advanced videos on this page here (free registration required).

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I don't have anything to say to girls

If you've never dated before, that's ok. We all were at a point in our lives where we didn't date...LOL

It get's harder still when you're not shy with women, you just can't think of anything to say to them.

I suggest you try this:
Look at what they have in their hands or try to guess what's so heavy in their knapsack and say this "Are you carrying anything interesting?"

That's it. You've shown interest in her, in what she's doing, and you've moved the conversation immediately into her hands.

The next thing you say is "Wow". And ask another question about what she replied to you.

Two questions adds up to a conversation.

Now practice this with every woman you see in the next two weeks until it becomes a habit that you're at ease with.

You're going to like the new talkative you!


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