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"The Best Pick-up Line Ever" That Never Fails


This article: "Introducing yourself to a woman is called 'A pick-up line'  and every situation calls for a different line to use. But there is one that always starts off a conversation."

Double Your Dating eBookThere is one pick-up line that always get's a woman's attention. It's the same pick-up line that a woman always, with very, very few exceptions, responds to in either a nice or at least a non-judgmental way.

You can use this pick-up line in an elevator, or in a bar. You can say it at church or in a park.

This pick-up line is so powerful that women almost expect it to be said to them when they see a guy that they're interested in or a guy that is sometimes just near enough to them for it to be politely said.

Now, this is not a guessing game but have you figured out what this pick-up line is?

OK, here it is: "Hello".

Saying "hello" is expected in polite company and it's expected in a club with music so loud that a normal conversation cannot he held.

Saying "Hello" is the "BIG ICEBREAKER" that guys search high and low for, but seem to miss in their searches on advice and what to say to women.

Now then, there are many people with advice for guys to be able to learn how to hold a conversation with women.

There's lot's of advice available on holding a woman's attention and attraction as well as how to keep her interested in you. I personally have written several dozen articles on this very subject.

But starting the conversation, breaking the ice, getting her immediate attention and interest in you all starts with the simplest of pick-up lines: Hello.

My good friend, David Deangelo, can teach you many great ways to be able to pick-up women and hold their attention, even how to make them so excited to see you that they're literally almost ready to explode out of their clothes.

What I want to tell you is that everything in a relationship starts simply.


Speaking with a woman all starts with one word. It's really the conversation afterwards that guys have a real problem with.

It's performance in bed that men have problem with later on. My friend Alex Allman has written "The Book" that you need to have in your collection.

I invite you to try this simple pick-up line with the next attractive woman you meet. But if you need something to say after "Hello" and are unsure of what to say, go and visit (online) my friend David.

He'll get you to where you want to be, quickly, and for less that $20.00 (everyone has to earn a living, right?).

Good luck and Happy Dating!

Your friend,
Robert Lee


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