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The WOW Factor With Women


This article: "Being cocky and funny and mastering this technique to attract women is something every guy should have in his dating arsenal."

Double Your Dating eBookAttraction isn't logical. If you can grasp this simple statement then you've made a big step forwards to attracting women.

Sure, some guys just can't handle busting on a girl then thinking they've gone too far and end up wussying out and start apologizing before she's really made any type of reaction.

Look, if you're not going to take a little risk then you shouldn't expect any type of reward, and this is what i tell guys "Bust on her, and keep busting on her until she turns to you and says "Yeah, well I think you're a jerk!"

Then come back to her, make a wide graceful bow in front of her and say "Yes, my highness, I should have realized your under-developed sense of when a real man is with you". And walk away.

Nine times out of ten she won't let you off so easily, then you know you've made her like you... now she needs to have affirmation from you that she is worthy of you...

Do you get it?

You've turned her whole world upside down by NOT being a wussy and apologizing for raising her temperature a bit... and when you've gut her HOT you keep her tuned to you... you have control... so then you get her number, email, hell, ask for a kiss to show you're still friends... even if you just met her!

This is truly the WOW FACTOR of attracting women!

The real danger here, with being cocky and funny, is being too cocky and coming across like a scared buy, needling his sister for attention... that just won't work and you'll strike out every time, even if you do wuss out and try to apologize to her...

If you want a woman to like you do not give in to her emotional demands that you LIKE HER FIRST.

This is relationship blackmail that happens all the time, to guys of all ages.

Don't do it!

It's your attitude that puts her ON rather than OFF.

Here's an example of COCKY:

"Her jeans make her look fat" - now add some FUNNY to this and you have:

"If a fashionista ever caught her wearing that she'd be thrown into Amish prison until she lost that fashion sense".

Get it? Cocky + Funny.

Add some arrogance and you reflect her own attitude that she momentarily has of you... I say momentarily because this is her attraction responding to you... she CAN'T fight it!

Attraction is illogical and she now wants you.

She will hang on your words, so you tease her with some inattention... talk to other girls.. keep her begging for more.

Watch her body language, she will face you, and twist a bit to give you a side-profile of her figure.

YOU own her.... for now.

And you'll be admitted to a place where men from all over the world have been to increase their success with women.

I'm Robert Lee and I wish you greater success with women.

Thanks for reading.




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