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In this article: The first steps to meeting women are daunting, but we show you how to PRACTICE to get the hardest part of meeting women out of the way fast - by starting a conversation...

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I'm going to assume that you've already played the video above and want to learn the real secrets to meeting women.

Double Your Dating eBookWell, it's no secret, to meet women you have to talk to women.

BUT the biggest fear many guys have is actually talking to women... they put women so high up on a pedestal that the guys are afraid of the girls.... "I'm not worthy" is the line that cycles through the subconscious, forcing the conscious mind to obey, and steer clear, of these "better than any man" women.

Well, let's end this right here and now, OK?

After all, you can easily chat with women online, right?

Do you know why that is? It's because they aren't all there, the girls are just a blip on a computer screen, turned on and off at will... it's something you have control over.

But you have no control over any face-to-face meeting with girls, right?

So there is the fear of women, why you can't talk to girls... you've made them out to be (in your mind) some type of "super-women" that you just aren't able to communicate with them, you, the lowly man-beast.

To change this we have to introduce a controlled setting in which guys can interact with girls without any fear of rejection, or feminine dismissal, such as you might get at your own job, at the places you hang out, in class or school.

So, it's off to the clothing stores we go.

And its not just any clothing store... we're not looking for a suit to wear at a funeral (unless you're burying your 'unworthy-self and getting on with your life!) it's going to be a men's fashion store, of the type of popular clothes you see the popular guys wear, you know, the guys that get all the girls, right?

And in we go, with a list of questions to ask every sales-girl (not any that are your mom's age, or remind you of Aunt Matilda, ok?) that seems to be nice, hot body, and friendly (remember, sales-girls are paid to be nice to you, they are encouraged to talk to all the guys and a big plus, they won't reject you, even if you decide not to buy that new shirt right away).

The questions are (memorize these before you go shopping, no crib notes or reminders on your cell, ok?):

  • Does this style look good on me?
  • Would you date a guy that wore this?
  • Do you think my best colors are hot or cold?
  • If my hair was shorter (longer) would this look good on me?
  • What type of shoes would I wear with these pants?
  • Do you have any bold ties to go with this shirt?
  • When my girlfriend isn't with me (!), I find it hard to pick out what I should wear, can you help me?
  • I'm looking for a gift for my cousin, he's about my height and weight
  • No, my mother doesn't usually do this clothes shopping thing for me
  • Would you wear this... (color, fabric, style)?

Now, young gentleman, go forth into the places of women workers and test these questions out (and others you may think of) and listen to the women as they compliment your clothing choices... You will lose your fear of women and evermore be satisfied with the hot babes you are able to have aching after you.

AND if you need more great ideas to gets started in your new position of "BABE MAGNET" then I suggest you invest a few more minutes and read about "DOUBLE YOUR DATING", the ebook that you could be reading in just a few minutes that will change your life (and approach) with women forever!

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...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




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