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So You’re The Funny One?


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In this article: So You’re The Funny One? How to charm a woman using humor.

One of our base elements as humans is humor. We want to laugh, indeed, we need to laugh.

Double Your Dating eBookWhether at ourselves, others or the events that envelope us, laughter brings us together as individuals, couples and groups.

Now, not every woman will laugh at the “Pull my finger” joke. Not every time, anyways.

But you can be humorous and create attraction with a woman you’ve just met as long as your behavior, your character, is also funny.

You can’t be attractive if you’re not prepared, your cleanliness, your nice clothes, your overall appearance.

Just as you can’t be funny if your body language says otherwise.

Have you ever seen John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in the old classic “Fawlty Towers”?

Basil is a married poor sot of a man, unhappy with life, waiting for the walls of his life to fall in. Forever taking the hard road, the character’s flaws are evident in his reactions to very day life.

Watching the 12 episodes of “Fawlty Towers” is a great start to understanding communication and humor.

I’m going to throw a couple more great comedian’s names at you: Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart and Chris Rock.

If you’re unfamiliar with these three comedy greats now is the time to get a CD or two and spend a couple hours listening, laughing and most importantly, paying attention to how they say what they say.

You’ll learn some great tips on timing, on delivery and even some great ways to introduce yourself to women and start conversations out of thin air.

And when you practice what you’ve learned you’re going to pay attention to your body language. Stand or sit straight up, not hunched over. Smile. If needed, go and shake the nervousness out of your body.

And most importantly, practice.

Practice your humor on every woman you meet. Watch their responses. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

If you get rejected by 8 out of ten women when you’re out at the shopping mall practicing your humor and talking up women, then you’ve been accepted by two women and should have two phone numbers to call later and two simple “get to know you” coffee dates to set up.

And your confidence will grow exponentially with every positive response you get. You’ll be able to refine and work on your approach to more situations in more places.

Any “No’s” that you encounter will simply be part of the women’s game countering your own game.

And every positive response is a big checkmark in the win column!

Your obvious charm towards any woman is your ability to exaggerate, to state the obvious in a funny way, to use words and phrases with double meanings and to misinterpret the things she says to you to get a rise out of her. A calm “she knows you’re teasing her but might not be quite sure” kind of cockiness to your tone.

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