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Author: "Being a Man in a Woman's World"

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Dr. Neder Article Archive

  • Overcoming Self-consciousness
    Thinking that you're going to make this girl fall in love with you from the way you approach her. That simply doesn't work.
  • Giving It The Old College Try
    Thinking that you're going to make this girl fall in love with you from the way you approach her. That simply doesn't work.
  • How To Get Women To Be Attracted To You
    You're trying to get women to desire you and do all your work for you. That's not their job; at least not initially.
  • How Do I Start Dating?
    You want to learn how dating rituals work and then know where you can bend or break those rules to your advantage. If that seems calculated, in fact it is!
  • She Texted Me, Did I Answer Her Properly?
    You've got to realize that women are terrified of asking guys out. So are guys too, but frankly, it's our job. But a text message may not have been the best approach she could have made in asking you out.
  • Making A Move On Her?
    Dating and building a relationship - even a potential one - is your job, not hers.
  • A Sexual Situation
    There is nothing so fundamental or powerful than a person's sexuality. It is the basis of every other thing you are.
  • The Chase is The Game
    I'd just go find a new girl that is smarter than this one and doesn't need the games in order to feel attracted to the guy.
  • Waiting in Line to be 100% Sure
    Stop waiting for the perfect times or the perfect situations or to be 100% sure of anything. That's what losers do - and these never, ever come. Instead, go MAKE your dreams come true.
  • A Matter of Height
    Here are ten things women look for in men. Height isn't at the top of the list and the other attributes will certainly wake you up to thinking beyond height.
  • Silently, And By Herself She Can Have An Orgasm
    If you want to take her to that orgasmic place you'll want to make this fun and no-pressure and you're going to have to accept her giving herself an orgasm. That's perfectly ok by the way!
  • The Six “R’s” To Getting Your Ex Back
    Yes, you can get your ex back. The real question you should be asking however is "should you?"
  • Facebook Flirting Dating and Failure
    If you continue to wait for perfect opportunities, or even good ones without making them happen for yourself, you're going to be one lonely guy!
  • Rebuilding a Sexual Relationship
    It’s not that you have to do exactly this every time you want to have sex, but you need to show her consistently that you’re attentive to more than just her body.



  • Rebounds and Responsibilities
    She has to get over these things on her own - you're never going to fix them for her. Trust me, you're simply too close to the situation.
  • Approach Anxiety
    You are invested in women that you're attracted to, and thus, fear losing the opportunity or the girl. Again, perfectly normal. This is called “approach anxiety”.
  • The “Un-Ex”: The Long Distance Relationship Fantasy
    This long-distance thing is absolutely ridiculous. You may FEEL like it's something, but it's not. It only exists in your noggin.
  • My Girlfriend Is A Liar!
    I just can’t trust someone who always lies to me. She says I’m crazy and controlling but I disagree.
  • Trying to Reconcile
    How long should I be willing to wait for something to happen? I mean after 2 weeks if we haven’t even kissed its kinda weird isn’t it?
  • Why Is Having Sex Too Early Bad?
    There has to be more of a foundation for any relationship than just sex.
  • Is It Clingy Or Just Something Else?
    This is the pattern that's killing you. You're making the girl the focus of the relationship.


  • Being Too Smart For Girl Games
    We have to fight these natural tendencies in order to have something better - and to be better partners for the women we love.
  • Which Guys are Marriage Material?
    Any guy is marriage material if you can find out how to marry him. Do you understand a guy's needs? What his expectations are? Those are the questions that need answers before any thought of marriage.
  • Maybe He’ll Be Mine If I Get Pregnant?
    As soon as he has you, he'll be totally done with it all and will be moving on to the next hunt. You're never going to land this guy or end all the games.
  • Do I Compromise To Get Him Back Or Bolt?
    If he can't handle his own past insecurities, you're going to need to reconsider what you want and if you can get it through this relationship with his issues.
  • Why Women Love Men
    This explains why so many women can be catty towards each other too. It comes from a basis of competition with each other.


  • A Matter Of Trust
    You can become your own worst enemy when you're dating someone and you have trust issues.
  • Will He Marry Me?
    If marriage isn't on your man's mind, it is right to force him to propose?
  • I'm Tired of Being "Too Shy"!
    You can choose to be confident any time you want, but you've convinced yourself that your safe little shell is the best place to be. We have to work on that first, the ladies will wait.
  • Help! My World is Crumbling
    As soon as he has you, he'll be totally done with it all and will be moving on to the next hunt. You're never going to land this guy or end all the games.
  • A Pair Of Jackasses Beats A Straight Flush
    As soon as he has you, he'll be totally done with it all and will be moving on to the next hunt. You're never going to land this guy or end all the games.
  • How To Find A Normal Relationship
    I've been single for the past 5 years and want to start dating again but how can I avoid any nasty experiences with men?
  • Going Too Fast, Going Too Slow
    Sometimes if the guy goes too fast it can be really threatening to the woman (unless she likes it of course.)


  • Dealing With Rejection
  • How To Move On After A Breakup
    Reframe the emotional experience so it becomes a distant memory in your mind, these are the techniques you need to know.
  • Getting Experience With Women
    When you've been dating monogamously during college without a doubt you've missed gaining the experiences of being with other women, but you have to ask yourself what is more important to you, the relationship you have or the experiences you think you've missed.
  • Just Never Satisfied!
    You can easily cause restrictions on yourself that keep you single. Now is the time to be honest with yourself and find those blockers and get rid of them once and for all!
  • What Is Love?
    You seem to think this is good relationship building. You, my dear are sadly, sadly mistaken.
  • A Dearth Of Dates







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