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Pet Names (Honey, Darling, Sweetie Pie)

Woman HuntBy Nancy Fagan, Author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Romance"

Nothing is more endearing than the first time your partner calls you by a pet name.

One thing is sure—it signifies that your partner is comfortable with you. When you hear the name, it makes you feel special because it sets you apart from the others in his or her life. It’s amazing what a little phrase of fondness can do.

Anyone can call you by your first name, but only a special person can make up his or her own name for you. Even friends and family can’t use pet names on you. Sure, they can call you something other than your name, but it’s not the same as when your partner says it. What’s in a Name?

Some pet names are easier to use than others. The easiest terms are the ones that sound more like compliments such as: sugar, honey, sweet pea, princess, prince, sweetheart, handsome, beautiful, baby and darling.

Pet Names Can Be Awkward

Using pet names is a difficult thing for some people. For some, it almost feels like they are making a commitment by using anything other than their partner’s first name.

For others, they just feel too reserved to use an affectionate term. If this describes you, don’t feel like you are the only one, because others are uncomfortable with this form of intimacy as well.

For some, using a pet name flows easily, and for others, it takes a little practice.

It’s always easier to practice over the phone if you are the slightest bit uncomfortable. All you have to do is answer the phone, and when you hear your partner’s voice, without hesitation, say, “Hi there, handsome/ beautiful!” Then take a deep breath and know that the next time will be easier.

You can bet your partner, on the other end, will be smiling from ear to ear. She’ll feel so special just because you called her something special.

It works every time; test it out for yourself.

How Do I Keep A Man from Leaving Me?

Q: My last three boyfriends have broken up with me and never looked back. I thought my last boyfriend was my true soul mate, but he dumped me too. I am afraid of loving a man again, but I can't stand to live a life without romance. Why do men keep leaving me? How can I make a man stay?

A: Not all relationships are guaranteed to last...even if you think they are perfect. Rather than put yourself in a victim role by saying that all men leave you, consider what role you had that turned the relationship sour. This new perspective will shed light on the role you played that contributed to the failed relationship.
There is no way to make a man stay in a relationship he doesn't want to be in. All you can do is keep an eye on your behaviors as well as his to recognize—and fix—problem areas as soon as you see them. The longer you wait to address them, the more difficult they will be to repair.
And lastly, as long as you continue to be open to love, it will always come into your life.

Aroused by Smells

Q: During lovemaking I get turned on by smells and they don't seem to affect my boyfriend at all. I feel like he's missing a vital part of the whole experience. Is there anything I can do to increase his sensitivity?

A: Everyone has a different level of olfaction sensitivity. Still, increasing your husband's is definitely something you can work on. To help you do so, try using the following three suggestions:
Massage him with oil: The combination of massage and scented oils heighten arousal.
Take advantage of pheromones: Pheromones are also called 'human sex hormones.'
They are odorless chemicals the body releases that can sexually excite a partner when inhaled through the nose. They are secreted through the skin and especially in areas known for sweating – arm pits and genitals. To only way to get him to breathe your pheromones is to get him close to you!
Deprive his other senses: Naturally, when one of the five senses is blocked, it causes the other senses to become stronger. To increase your partner's sense of smell, try blocking out all senses except for that one.

© Copyright 2004 Nancy Fagan - Published with permission

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Nancy Fagan, M.S., best-selling author of 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Romance' and 'Desirable Men: How to Find Them' has appeared on several hundred radio and television shows including Ricki Lake, Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, The Berman & Berman Show, FOX News. She has been featured in most major newspaper in the United States and worldwide as well as regularly mentioned in the nation's top magazines such as Ladies' Home Journal ('Can this Marriage be Saved?'), Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men's Health, Bride's, Seventeen, Women's Day, Family Circle,Women's Own, BBW, Complete Women and dozens of others.

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