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How Soon Should A Chat Turn Into A Date?

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Cupid doesn't own a clock, remember, so when the time feels right, go for it!

Finding men to date online isn't hard at all... but reality sets in when the guys you meet online aren't the great guys they seem to be on your first date or meeting.

So, how can you pick and choose the best guys to go on a date with, or go for a coffee or tea, with so many choices?

The first rule is to follow your gut instinct. If the things that a guy says to you seem too good to be true, they likely are.

The second rule is to let the guy do the (chatting) talking. Often, by asking the right questions, a guy will tell more about his true self that you can read in his profile.

Whether you are chatting with him, trading emails or Instant Messages through your favorite online dating service, you should be asking open ended questions to have him open up to you more.

Open ended questions are questions that start with "Why" or "How" or "When", they require a longer answer than just a yes or no, so you'll get more personal information to paint the guys background with.

As he fills in the blanks, watch for mood changes, his and yours, that makes him interesting or dangerous.

Many guys will try to get more personal information out of you than they give, so be careful.

The "serial online daters" all have a game plan to get to the first date quickly, then either lead you on or drop you fast.

The warning signs are:
- asks about your actual place of work, rather than general questions about what you do
- asks for more intimate pictures that you already have posted
- attempts to turn the chat session into something hot and sexual
- signs out quickly when he doesn't have an answer that doesn't follow what you already know about him
- plays hot and cold with you, in an attempt to get a quick date

Now that you have a starting point then you need to know the answer to the question:

Date the man as soon as you feel comfortable with him.

Make the "first date" a coffee or tea somewhere, with a definite start and end point. Tell family/friends where you are going, what you are doing, when you'll return. Even better, have a friend shadow you on this first meeting, cell phone at hand ready for that "emergency call" that ends your meeting if it is not going well.

It is not unusual for your first meeting/date to be within a couple of days of your first email exchange.

Cupid doesn't own a clock, remember, so when the time feels right, go for it!

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Have fun!
Robert Lee

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