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Fatal Flaws In Online Dating Profiles

Don't let any of these flaws in profile writing appear in your dating profile

If you've ever taken the time to browse other women's online personal ads, you can easily determine what their psychology is and whether they'll be rejected by men.

Other women fearful of exposing themselves online, are they telling too much of themselves online, are they looking for approval from men, have they said they're bad at relationships, no luck dating, finding hard to find good man, and many other things that are fatal flaws as far as men see online personal ads.

When a man approaches online personal ads and he is in "browsing mode" he quickly scans through the headlines and the short sentences that are available with each profile. It's like he's catalog shopping for a new baseball hat or some other such item that requires a logical thought process to include sizing, color, durability, etc.

Besides scanning your photo and in your profile he is looking for key words that will either encourage him to dig deeper and read your full profile or to skip past you and look for someone else more suitable. Ah, the unfairness of judgment.

The man is more apt to be able to identify what he doesn't want for qualities in a woman than what he does. This is an exclusionary process, that is just part of the logical mind of man.

If you want to be able to get past these logical thoughts of the man that may pass you by you want to make sure that your profile pictures are bright and cheery, hopefully in a social setting, but only featuring you in the picture.

Keep in mind as you're writing your profile. You are not looking to go right into "relationship mode" with any man that may contact you. This is one of the most recurring fatal flaws in women's profiles.

Write your profile carefully and avoid anything that gives the idea that you may have low self-esteem, that you're lonely and unhappy, that you have any family issues or problems you are dealing with, because honestly no one wants to read that. And it's not how attraction starts.

In your profile you want to be authentic. You want to come across as a solid original person not a carbon copy of Barbie or some other drone of a woman.

Go into detail about the fun things you do, and none of these events should have happened any later than one year ago. And if it's been a year since you've had a lot of fun, sister it's time to get ready for a holiday to get yourself into fun mode again.

Describe the joys in your life that do not revolve around family or friends that are between you and other objects. This is a tough rule to follow but breaking it brings a lot of fatal flaws into your profile and will drive the men away.

Many dating services allow you to post many pictures of yourself. And this often leads to a very poor picture editorial of yourself. No pictures of yourself and other people's weddings makes it seem lonely and sad and broken up with your date from the wedding. No pictures of yourself walking solo along the beach, because it actually shows a level of low self-esteem.

Pictures that work well are you holding things balloons, toys, books were just sitting happily at a table somewhere that's not in your home.

So when everything you write and the pictures that you upload, be sure to avoid the fatal flaws that drive men away. Avoiding these fatal flaws will help you to find a lot of dates, and a lot of great men, and hopefully not men that are controlling were also have low self-esteem, poor self-image in a bad relationship history.

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