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Finding Love Online For Women

The Secrets to Writing an Online Profile

Truth About Dating Online

What women need to know to find true love online. How to be approachable, likeable and dateable while steering the jerks away from you.

Let's start with the truths you need to know to confidently date online:

  • Men lie on the profiles (and you need to know what questions to ask to get to the truth of their personal lives)
  • Not all men want sex on the first meeting/date (and this is how to tell the players from the romancers)
  • How to reveal just enough about yourself to entice a man to email you (without baring your soul or you top to attract the wrong type of men)
  • How to separate the fantasy from the reality of online dating (so your heart doesn't get crushed, again)

And the rules about writing your profile

  • You absolutely must include at least one picture of yourself (head and shoulders, smiling not a mug shot). A profile with a picture gets anywhere from 5 to 20 times more replies than a profile without a picture and many dating services rank profiles with pictures higher up in search results, so if your Romeo is searching for you, add a picture and make it easier for him to find you.
  • Talk about the fun things you do and add a serious note about the work you do (keep everything you write in a positive tone, a fun light, and romance will connect you with a guy that shares these things)
  • To write a great profile don't take your time writing, let what you know about yourself flow freely into the words you write (but do sleep on it. Write out your descriptive part of your profile first in the word processor of your choice and save the file. Reread it the next day and if you're still comfortable with it, post it or better yet have a friend read it for you)

And most important of all, if you are uncertain how to handle any online dating activity, consult an expert.

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