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Finding Love Online For Women

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The Secrets to Writing an Online Profile

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The true tips about how women need to date online to meet their true match!

Generally speaking there are no hard and fast rules of how a woman can find, attract, and date a man her own age online.

But there are key points that should not be ignored:

Don’t lie about your age when posting your online profile. While you may be tempted to put your age at 35 when you’re 44 but really, the lie will catch up with you sooner or later, and is this how you want to start a new relationship? With this “age lie” hanging over what could otherwise be the great start to a lasting courtship?

Don’t go into detail about the type of work you do. It’s not necessary for a guy to know, at first glance of your personal ad, that you have a great job that pays really well. Generalization is the key here: if you’re a stock broker you should simply call yourself “in the market” or in “banking”. Details can follow, later, after the third date or so.

Maintain that you keep your private life private. There is absolutely no need, other than self-congratulatory wordsmithy, to go into big details of your personal life in your online profile that you wouldn’t say to the guy that pumps your gas, waters your lawn or stands beside you in the elevator.

And most important of all, if you are uncertain how to handle any online dating activity, consult an expert and that is:

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