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Gabrielle Moore's Oral Sex Games To Try

Heat Her Up With These Oral Sex Games

Gabrielle Moore

Gabrielle Moore writes about what we find important about our lives: the values of sexual fulfillment, the way touch and words can bring harmony into daily contact in intimate ways.

Gabrielle Moore is the trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide.

So who says eating her out is boring? (It never is for HER you know.)

But if you and your partner already engage a lot in cunnilingus then you may want to up the heat factor a bit with these hot, erotic, and mind-blowing cunnilingus games!

6 Cunnilingus Games to Try Tonight

The Alphabet or Spelling Game
This cunnilingus game is very easy to do. Using your tongue, simply write out a letter of the alphabet and make her guess what that letter is. For the more ‘advanced’ players, you can move on to spelling certain words or phrases like “I love you” or “Horny”. Not only does this game make cunnilingus more exciting, it also helps to put a nervous woman at ease because she’s forced to focus on deciphering your letters or words than on any insecurities she may have.

My personal favorite is when my lover writes the letter “i”. Of course, the dot on the “i” lands on my clit!

The Hot n’ Cold Game
This game makes use of ice cubes or ice cream. Simply lavish her pussy with your licking and then take a short pause to put an ice cube in your mouth for a few seconds. Take out the ice cube and go directly back to licking her! The hot and cold sensations on her pussy will drive her wild. Guaranteed! For variation, a bowl of ice cream beside you will also be great.

The Soft n’ Rough Game
According to many women, the best licking is the soft, steady and slow licks. But just as when she’s already relaxed and into your cunnilingus play, change your licking style a little and ‘rough her up’ a bit. Go from slow and soft, to fast and hard licking just to shock her. Then go back again to slow and soft. Warning: do NOT do this when she’s already hot and shouting “yes… yes…” because this means that you’ve already hit the winning motion and she’s really turned on now or about to come. In this scenario, the last thing she needs is for you to change or alter what you’re doing. Got it?

The ‘Food Plate’
I personally love this cunnilingus variation! Here, her pussy becomes a veritable plate of delicious food offerings waiting for you to be devoured. My lover specifically enjoys this when he’s hungry (literally!) so that he’s really into eating the food placed on top of my pussy.

The food you use is really all up to you guys so long as they are in small, bite-size pieces. For example, you can have some cut-up fruit, some sushi pieces, and of course whipped cream figures in this equation most of the time.

The Exhibitionist
In this particular cunnilingus game, you play the spectator and she the performer, at least at the start. May women, claim that their men have no clues how to please them ‘down there’. For men, they equally claim that it’s not as if there’s a manual to cunnilingus. Furthermore, many women are actually shy or inhibited during cunnilingus that it’s hard to decipher what they do and don’t like.

Well, this game ends the speculation. First, the man sits on a chair opposite the bed. The woman who’s lying on the bed, with her legs spread and facing him, then begins to play with herself. This is a gigantic turn-on for him, making him want to eat her pussy all the more. But more than that, the ‘show’ actually enables him to know how she wants to be touched and licked.

Just when she’s really wet and into pleasing herself, get out of the chair and do cunnilingus on her!

Three’s NOT a Crowd
If you’re the really adventurous type of couple then a three-some is not out of the question, right? For most couples I know, they prefer the 2 women, 1 man combo. This is because most men have fantasies of being in bed with more than one woman anyway. As for the woman, it’s not really hard for her to imagine being made love to by another woman as opposed to men thinking of having sex with other men.

In this cunnilingus game, you and the 3rd person can simply take turns eating your woman out or she can focus on your partner’s other glorious parts while you perform cunnilingus on her.

Whatever game you choose to do tonight, focus on fun, pleasure, while being responsible at the same time, ok?

Otherwise, everything becomes routine again!

Gabrielle Moore

Gabrielle Moore
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Gabrielle Moore

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