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The “How to Get a Girlfriend” Article

Cutting Edge Image ConsultingTo discover the full story on our privately taught, street-proven, secrets of quickly & easily transforming yourself into the success-bound, desirable guy women pursue – even if you’re broke, ugly and shy as hell, download my ebook 'How to Get a Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams'. It is the “comfortably easy” way to learn the skills necessary to become the man women are attracted to. Master the power of choice with women and start dating on your terms!

Ever wonder what makes certain guys attractive in the eyes of women, even if they are fat, ugly, broke or bald? Ever been curious if this is possible for you?

It is one thing to generate attraction from women with lines and gimmicks. It is quite another to understand how to be an attractive man.

Being attractive goes way beyond looks or money. In fact, it rarely has anything to do with looks or money.

One thing Mike and I cover in massive detail in our “Natural Attraction” audio program and our book, “How To Get A Girlfriend” is how to be an attractive man. The kind of guy who seems to effortlessly attract women, not the “pick up artist” who runs from bar to bar hitting on everyone in sight.

Master BEING attractive and you’ll never have to rely on another line or techniques ever again.

In this article we want to cover the simplest way that you can improve your chances with women IMMEDIATELY. So, let’s get started.

So many guys who come to us for advice with women and dating all say the same things:

“I want to have choice with women”
“I am sick and tired of being alone”
“I can get women, just not the ones I want”
“I feel empty when I don't have a girl with me”
“I am just unhappy, and I figure if I could get a girlfriend, that would fix it”

These are all valid and very common things for a guy who struggles with women to say. However, there is one big thing that most of these guys lack, and that is simply – they don't know what they want.

I know, you are probably saying (maybe even aloud at the computer screen) – “I know what I want, I just told you that I want a girlfriend!, I want to get laid!, I want choice with women!”

The key to knowing what you want, is to start with yourself. Nothing outside of you is going to complete you! Master this, my friend, and you empower yourself to know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

CEIC: How To Get A Girlfriend


When you cut to the chase with most guys, what they suffer from is a lack of power – in order to get power, you MUST know what you want. This is the first step.

Let me be honest with you, when I first got involved in learning the very valuable material which exists for meeting women, I really wanted to just be able to go out on any given night, and get laid.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and I got to be incredibly good at it.

The problem is, it didn't fix the problem. I still felt a great deal of emptiness, and secretly knew that I wasn't really meeting the potential I knew I had.

It was a “game” for sure, but I was only barely playing it, and nowhere close to the mastering it.

What became clear to me was that I really didn't know what I wanted.

I needed to understand both what kind of dating lifestyle I wanted, and then, what kind of woman (or women) I saw participating in this lifestyle with me.

So, right now, ask yourself… what dating lifestyle are you looking for? What do you want out of your relationships with women?

Do I want to get laid tonight?
Do I want the power of choice in meeting women?
Do I want to meet really hot women whenever I want?
Do I want to find a girlfriend that I can settle down with, and fall in love (gasp)?
Do I want to get married?

What is it guys? Any of these are viable choices. The one thing that is indisputable, from which there is no escape, is that you have to start with YOU first.

Now that you know what lifestyle you want to build, let’s see what kind of woman will fit into this lifestyle. Again, power comes from knowing what you want. So, let’s be specific about the kind of woman you see yourself with.

As an exercise, take out a pen and paper and list the aspects that you desire in a woman. Then, write down the aspects that you definitely do NOT desire – a list of what turns you off.

If you want a woman with black hair and green eyes, put it on the list. If you want a woman who likes dogs, not cats, put that down.

Be specific as possible. Leave nothing out and continue to add to this list over time.

From this, you now have a much stronger sense of what lifestyle you desire, and then, the kind of women you want to be a part of this lifestyle.

As a man who knows what he wants, you will come off more discriminating with women; a key quality that will make women like you.

You will give off the aura of being the prize, being the challenge.

Armed with this knowledge, you will subconsciously make women work to meet your standards.

After all who is attracted to a man that takes only what he can get?

This exercise always yields incredible results, as you now have actual information to drive you forward.

You have to know what you want before you can choose who you wish to be with.

As a caveat, it is important that you first be honest with yourself about what you are seeking. It is also important that you be honest with the women you become involved with. Nothing leads to bad karma like masquerading as husband material when all you are looking for is sex.

Be honest with yourself and with others, and you’ll get what you want. You can count on that.

For more on what you want, and how to get it, read my book How to Get a Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams.

Discover the easiest, fastest and most comfortable method for getting fun loving, great-looking women (with long slender legs, provocative breasts, gorgeous eyes, etc.) TO CHASE AFTER YOU.

Still, as always, backed by the, “I put my money where my mouth is” 100% money back guarantee.
As always, I wish you the best.
Your friend,
Stephen Nash

To better understand what goes into making an unforgettable first impression, check out our ebook How To Get A Girlfriend”. This book covers these topics, as well as other great techniques to use when meeting women, dating, considering fashion choices, and improving the focus and purpose of your life.

It is
THE book to own for guys seeking to improve their relationships with women and their lifestyle. It’s also backed by a “We put our money where our mouth is” 100% money back guarantee.

Wishing you the best,

Stephen Nash
Cutting Edge Image Consulting


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