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How To Get A Beautiful Girlfriend

Getting the Most Gorgeous Women: The 10’s

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You are out with some friends, maybe at a great new lounge. On your way to the bar, you notice a woman with extra-special beauty laughing with her friends.

She has that look of beauty that is rare, but is breathtaking. You want to meet her, but how?

It might surprise you to hear that the very attractive women out there are often the easiest to approach. Most women of great beauty are so intimidating to men, that the best a guy can do is pick his jaw up off the floor and keep walking.

Truthfully, extraordinary beauty strikes the fear of God in many men.

So, if you want to learn how to approach and attract very beautiful women, the most important thing to remember is….relax.

A few years ago, I worked up the nerve to approach a very famous supermodel (who shall remain nameless). I was terrified upon approaching, but forced myself to do it because I knew it would help me build my confidence.

What surprised me was how open she was to having a conversation.

She was friendly, humorous and engaging. The interaction ended when her thug-bodyguard ran me off…but I was so surprised how easy she was to talk to.

Interesting, right?

CEIC: How To Get A Girlfriend

What my friends and I realized later was that women of great beauty are rarely approached by men. The women hardest to meet are, in fact, those that are a bit below the supermodel level, women who are averagely attractive – call them an “7” or a “8” (rating scales are crude, so forgive me).

Here we are talking about the hot “girl next door.”

They are less intimidating, and therefore more approachable by men. Because they approached so often, they NEED to be the best at rejecting men.

They are the ones who will throw tests at you as fast as a Roger Clemens fastball.


They have had to learn how to deal with men trying to pick them up a lot, and have developed an arsenal to defend themselves from guys only interested in their bodies.

However, the “10”s of the world are already so fearsome to men, that they tend to get off slightly easier. Of course, they have challenges in different ways, but for now I encourage you to go for it and approach them.

When (and if) you do, be sure not to fawn over their beauty or even remark that they are attractive. This will instantly blow it for you, as you become one of the many who are not able to get past their looks. Instead, ask her something like this:

“Excuse me – I need female input on a debate my friends and I are having – maybe you can help. In a relationship, what is more important to women – romance or adventure?”

Presto – ask her this and she won’t think you are talking to her because she is so gorgeous, but because she is nearby and female. Plus, it is an interesting topic – women love talking about relationships.

From there, just engage her in playful conversation, and then lead her into a more personal conversation. If you need help with that – our 7-day “Natural Attraction” program covers it ALL in detail. We cover that, and a helluva lot more, there.

If you asked an extremely attractive woman what is it that most upsets her about her beauty, it would probably be that people see her as a hot body, rather than as a person.

So, remember – relax - and go for it. And when you do, be sure to talk to the person and not the body!

Ask her questions, chit chat with her, tell her funny stories, probe her opinions on subjects. Be interested in what she is saying rather than her amazing figure. And besides, after approaching a super hot woman, you get more than a few high fives and bragging rights from your buddies.

Good luck! And, if you do approach a “10” today, pat yourself on the back my friend. You just joined the smallest group of men on earth…those willing to go for what they really want and deserve out of life!

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Wishing you the best,

Stephen Nash
Cutting Edge Image Consulting


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