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Winning with women is about knowing WHAT to do, and about knowing WHEN to do it.

With each woman, there are certain “windows of opportunity” for moving the interaction to the next level.

Take for instance asking a woman to come back to your place for the first time: This situation is both about having a plan for what to do and in knowing the right time to do it.

Women and men are very different. Women tend to be more centered in how they are feeling. If the FEELING of the moment is right, she will be more open to ESCALATING the interaction.

This is precisely when you must make the move. Once that moment has passed, the window is closed. It may open again, but do you want to take that chance?

There are specific windows of opportunity that consistently arise you MUST be aware of. They often appear for a short time, and can close just as fast. That’s why it is crucial to take a step forward and escalate when you have the chance.

So, what are these windows? We have observed 5:

1) Approaching her – hesitate here, and she will intuitively know that you lack confidence, decreasing her chances of being attracted to you. Instead of lingering around her and mulling over whether to approach or not, decide elsewhere and then just go straight in when ready.

2) Asking for her number – make this happen smoothly, and she will be impressed. Many guys make this moment uncomfortable for her. Guess how she feels when she sees your call come through on her phone? You guessed it…uncomfortable.

3) Going for the kiss – women dream of knowing a man who knows when to go for that first kiss. They also dream of him doing it with confidence. A confident man takes the pressure off of the woman, making her relax and open up…making for a great kiss, and a great memory for both of you.

4) Asking her over to your place – Knowing the appropriate way to invite her to your home is surprisingly very challenging for lots of men. Give her an interesting reason to come over, other than your cozy bed, then make her feel comfortable. Remember, you are showing her an intimate side of your world here, and she will hope that you will do so with sensitivity.

5) Escalating sexually – Admit it, you hesitate when it comes to physical escalation don’t you? Women are starved for men who understand their physical needs from the first touch, all the way to climax. Again, you must make it about her comfort, and her pleasure, or you miss the boat entirely to real romance and pleasure.

CEIC: How To Get A Girlfriend


The best naturals out there spot these opportunities instinctively and know when to make a move. This is there "Cutting Edge." This is why they always get the girl.

Think about those times when you just know you could have made a move, but hesitated. I know that for me, times like that linger in my memory empowering me the next time I am faced with a similar situation. Only that next time, I don't hesitate.

It is always better to go for it and see what happens, rather than not try and have regrets.

These windows of opportunity that I'm talking about can be a deal breaker if you don't move on them. I vividly remember a girl back in college I was chatting with, when the opportunity arose for me to go in for the kiss. I hesitated that night…and it was the last chance I ever got with her.

The next time I saw her, she was cold towards me. I didn't realize it at the time, but she felt rejected. She gave me a window; I passed it up and blew it for good.

You risk her losing attraction and interest in you if you don’t trust yourself enough to go for it. When we don’t risk and make the move, the excuse is, “I don’t want to blow it”.

Ironically, this is precisely when we do “blow it”, by not moving with the opportunity. Which risk is REALLY worth it?

Don't let this happen to you. Our work with clients is intended to give you both specific strategies for smoothly making these transitions, as well as equipping you with the proper confidence to do so powerfully.

In fact, in my book “How to Get a Girlfriend”, I cover exactly why women NEED for us to handle these moments, and precisely HOW to do so each and every time.

Go ahead and check it out. You can be reading it in five minutes.

Just remember, these windows of opportunity do not arrive with a flashing sign stating “GO FOR IT NOW”. Instead, you have to feel them instinctually. Chances are, if you feel it, so does she…do you have what it takes to make the move?

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