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Get Girls Chasing You

Increase Her Attraction And Make Her Chase You!

There are very specific stages of your interactions with women that when under your control can increase her immediate attraction for you, her desire to know more about you and her need to be with you.

  1. Introduction
  2. Small Talk
  3. Information Exchange
  4. The Close

Obviously these stages are fluid, they may happen over seconds, minutes or days depending on your particular skillset for seduction.

I'm going to break down each stage for you so you can identify where you are with her and how you move forward with her. Every stage depends on your timing, you need to match her desire, intensify her attraction and move forward because when you stay on a stage when she's ready to move forward you will lose her.


This is your "hello" but it doesn't have to be that particular word, it can be a pick-up phrase that works and I'm going to give you one that has almost never failed me.

You see a woman that interests you, this can be anywhere, the place she works, standing in line at the grocery store, walking around the mall, hanging out at a bar, a concert or event or with her friends somewhere, anywhere.

Walk up to her and say "Are you having fun yet?"

This simple question demands a response and by the way she replies you'll have enough ammunition to continue the conversation with her.

The trick is to agree with whatever she says then immediately introduce yourself. I'll give you an example:

You: Are you having fun yet?

Her: Waiting in this line is such a waste of time!

You: Yeah, this place is always crazy busy and they never have enough people working. My name's Rob how are you doing?

From this point, depending where you are, you can continue with the small talk, ask for her info, even invite her to meet you later.

It's fluid and success depends on your positive attitude and seduction skills because the seduction started the moment you decided to walk over and talk with her.

Small Talk

A good conversationalist knows what to talk about. Not sure what that is I'll give you a hint: It's not the news, celebrities or sports. It's not the price of Apple stock, the latest tech gear or anything like that. It's her.

You should lways be asking leading, open-ended questions that encourage her to talk about herself, the things she likes, why she chooses the thing sshe does, anything that allows her to open up to you.

Your aim is to speak a little and have her speak a lot.

Great conversationalists are awesome listeners and know what to ask next to keep the conversation going. Use your active listning skills to pickup on the next thing to ask her.

Never take over the conversation, do not dominate the subject when you're one-on-one and be very careful about what you say when in a group. Anything can be taken the wrong way by someone you're not trying to pick-up and she will very quickly cool to your mojo.

Information Exchange

The first two stages always lead to this stage. It can be seconds or minutes but your goal always has to be her number so you can text her, her Facebook so you can message her or her email address so you can stay in contact.

This is often where guys make their fatal mistake: they're too nervous to ask for her info, wait too long and lose the opportunity.

The truth of the matter is the first two stages always lead to the information exchange and you need to focus on getting her info and, unless she's ready to make out with you, get away so you can allow her to be intrigued, interested, attracted, aroused and want to chase you.

By hanging out with her too long and over-staying her attention when it's not leading to something immediate is going to kill any opportunity you have with her in the days to come.

The classic move is to say "Hey, I have to get going, catch up with some friends, I'm late for a game (anything plausible) can I have your number?"

I can't say this strongly enough, get her info and get away!

The Close

This stage is actually what leads to the next (or first) date with her.

The Close is what opens up all other possibilities with her.

This happens after you have her info and you send that first text her way that says "Hey, let's get together, meet me at ..."

This can be right away, after an hour or a day but not any longer than the next day after meeting her to make plans with her.

Now that I've given you the primer on getting girls to chase you I want you to do me a favor, check out and download the free ebook "How To Text Girls" so you can master The Close.

To your success, Robert Lee


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