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"She's Yours For the Taking" High Status male ebookShe's Yours For The Taking: A Man's Guide to the Seduction and Sexual Enchantment of Women

by Michael Pilinski

Capturing a woman's heart can be a highly hit-or-miss proposition, even in the best circumstances. It requires a blend of the man making all the correct signal moves, and the woman allowing events to unfold without throwing up roadblocks at every turn. Despite the fact that many of us have come to dread it, some type of male-signaling performance is always necessary somewhere along the timeline of this process because everything is still ultimately the woman's choice -- and she needs information in order to make that choice.

For men then it's all about getting that perfect combination of attitude and appearance -- our so-called Male Display -- working just right for us. It is within this display that we advertise the suitability of our genetic heritage for the creation of new life. This is the information women are compelled to seek about us.

Make this work for yourself and you will create a steady stream of romantic opportunities coming your way that will NOT require a massive display of courage to take advantage of.

And that's the central focus of Mike Pilinski's new book She's Yours For The Taking it's a collection of strategies designed to lure women into your world by feeding them all the proper romantic signals they crave at every step along the way. Once women begin to get the idea that you understand the game on their terms -- worlds of possibly will begin to open up for you.

Best of all, the romantic skills outlined in SYFT will become ever more refined as you use them -- continuing to serve you for a lifetime as you move through life's phases. These are not just short-term tricks to be used like stunts during your "clubbing" years when you have a supporting network of like-minded friends and easy access to single women helping you along. This is a collection of classy seduction skills, challenging you to take your game to the next level beyond gamesmanship

You'll see that it's a better way -- a REAL way -- to bring beautiful women falling like delightful snowflakes into your life.

"She's Yours For the Taking" High Status male ebookGo to the Official Author's Website to get the full story of She's Yours For The Taking. There are lots of free eats on as well... informative dating and seduction articles, over 100 Q&A forum letters submitted by ordinary guys like yourself (personally answered by author Mike Pilinski), archived newsletters, and the FREE "Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman" Mini-Course. No passwords needed... just come on in and pig out!




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