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How To Have An Affair

Steps you take to start an affair

There are many reasons a person starts an affair:

  • not understood by spouse (no communication)
  • lack of intimacy in marriage (no romance)
  • lack of sex (no physical contact)
  • lack of excitement (marriage is boring, missing emotional attachment)

Many couples go through these situations and having an affair helps to create all these things that are missing in your marriage or with your live-in, without having to change the other person at all.

Whether you are open about having an affair, or you keep your affair a secret, the excitement that you feel as you are meeting your lover, is not anything you could feel with your current partner.

Starting an affair with a friend, a co-worker, or someone that you meet online, is as simple as moving yourself into being accepted by your new lover and creating your 'safe place' to enjoy your affair.

There are some simple rules to successfully having an affair. These are:

  • Keep your same daily/weekly schedule - A new routine is a big giveaway to someone starting an affair. As well, don't show excitement about leaving/being away from home.
  • Do not become less interested in your home life - changes to your home responsibilities will shine a light on your new affair.
  • Have backup. - Trust someone with watching your back and being the person you're with, instead of your lover, and make sure your alibi is secure (see The Alibi Network to have phone call, letter, email and other messages set up to have an iron-clad substitute for the time you spend with your lover).
  • Do not change your spending habits - As far as your home/office life goes. You will want to get a new credit card, a post office box or other mail redirection service to receive your new credit card bills and other mail sent to you.
  • Any changes that you do decide to make on a personal level, such as a new exercise regime or diet, be sure to include your spouse or red flags will arise.

Men and women survive on love, not only romantic love but sexual, physical love. Looking for this satisfaction outside of marriage, or from someone other than your partner, is not taboo in all cultures and even now, with sites such as Ashley Madison coming online and gaining a large member base, having an affair is becoming mainstream and accepted.






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