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How To Pick-up Women

Five Steps To Pickup Women

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The Games

 Understanding that women and men view their world differently introduces you to 'The Games' that are played by both women and men. While no one ever admits to playing games with the other sex, they certainly resort to trying to get, or maintain, power in every interaction with others.

There is always, ALWAYS, a pecking order, a master and servant, a dominate and submissive, in every interaction.

Things are more easily controlled than people, but people are in need of one of two things:

to control or to be led, or,

To instruct or to follow, or,

To have and to hold or to be helped and kept safe.

The Games happen because of the basic fear of rejection that leads to actions of non-admission of your true feelings.

While it's best not to walk up to a girl you like and say "I like you" it is also poor action to not admit to yourself that you like her and also have a limit to what you will do to gain her attention.

Guys often fall apart from any type of self-serving plan and simply melt into a whimpering blob of uncontrolled love/lust that is not realized because of a lack of understanding, instruction and education of how to talk to and interact with women.

It is not unique of you to have an overwhelming love of a woman, whether you know her or have yet to be introduced.

The Games happen because of this lack of education about women, and this fear of rejection, that any interactions with your female love/lust interest becomes a shadow game of "I love you but I won't admit it" so you falsely behave under a cloud of what you feel is protecting yourself but is really emotion gone astray, emotion out of control, attachment misrepresented and a game of who can walk to the edge of love admission the farthest without crossing the line into being emotionally open and vulnerable to rejection.

You can identify what Games you have been playing with women and how they have responded to your games with their own misrepresented attentions.

What the goal is now is to move beyond the vulnerable feelings, to move outside of this dating game arena and to still control your emotions and the actions that you do with women that will cause women to like you, understand you and react positively towards you.

Control of any dating/romantic relationship with a woman is within your grasp, you need to understand how women really understand YOU and be the first to gain and then maintain control of the emotions and the reactions of what you do, say and be with women.

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