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Quiz # 2
The staff are ready to share the answers to this quiz.
It is our hope that you will find important patterns of behavior through your answers to this quiz and be able to find areas that may need improvement to keep yourself safe online.
Feel free to use this answer list as a guideline for keeping your personal information personal, don't ever feel pressured to reveal details about yourself self before you trust that other person.

1. I use the same nickname at the different online services I join
False -
It is easy to use the same nickname over and over again, but should you become a victim of online stalking, you make the stalkers job a little easier by using the same nickname at different services. We recommend that you always use a unique nickname or user ID for every service you join.

2. I talk about the city/town I live in so that people that live near me will pick my ad
False -
Many dating services will ask that you provide city or town information about you that will be revealed to other members. Although we do not usually tell people to provide incomplete information or to lie about themselves when completing dating service profiles, we do recommend that you provide your location information with caution and opt to not provide it or use a city/town name that is close to you, but not your actual location. Again, this can be an important clue for an online stalker to find you.

 3. I include my picture with my profile
True -
Most services that offer this option will tell you that your profile or personal ad will be seen seven to ten times more often than if you didn't provide a picture and they are right! If you are serious about meeting someone special online, have a nice picture of yourself ready to be added to your personal ad and be sure that it is only of you, do not include friends or pets in the picture.

4. I know where to find help at the services I join
True -
It is important that you know the contact email address or you bookmark the contact form page for any service that you join. If you need help, can you get it quickly? You need to able to answer True to this question. If you can't find out how to make contact with the people that run the service, don't join it.

5. I use an anonymous email address, hotmail or yahoo or something like them, to join online services
True -
This is one more step to protecting your online privacy. Never join any online service, post to a bulletin board or send an email to someone you haven't met face-to-face using the email address provided to you by the company that you pay for Internet service (Your ISP), always use a free, anonymous email address such as Hotmail, Yahoo or some other web based email service.

6. I include my ICQ, Messenger or AOL screen names with my personal ad
False -
Instant messaging can be a lot of fun, but by revealing such information for the world to see, not only do you open yourself up to Instant Messaging Spam, but private information that you may not otherwise want to share can be revealed without your knowledge. Be aware of what type of information your instant messenger account can reveal about yourself and share your numbers and ID's only with those you trust.

7. I visit dating services using my workplace internet access
False -
This is not only usually a sure-fire way to become unemployed, as it contravenes most work-place internet usage policies, you shouldn't allow this type of activity to intrude into your career or work-place life.

8. I join services that have been recommended to me by a trusted source
True -
There are new dating services being established every day, how can you be sure that what you see is what you get? Ask friends if they have used any online services and visit reputable relationship sites and directories for advice on where to visit and what to join. This step will save you time and money!

9. I am honest about my personal details and the information I tell people about myself
True -
Not only is honesty the best policy, but what will happen if you find the one person that you believe will make you happy for the rest of your life, but they are expecting someone else because of the lies you have told about yourself? Your one shot at happiness will go up in smoke and you'll still be single and now older too!

10. I read the membership agreement before I pay to become a member
True -
Usually containing dry legal jargon, the membership agreement that you agree to as you join any online service will contain valuable information concerning member responsibilities, billing information and business ownership and contact addresses. This is a legal contract between yourself and the service you are joining, you should know what it says.

A score of 80% or more indicates that you should be quite safe online. At the very least you are aware of some of the privacy issues that have been in the press and know what steps you should be taking to protect yourself.
A score of 60% or more indicates that you will most likely be able to keep yourself safe and not have to worry about being harassed online and if you are, you know what to do about it.
A score of 40% or less indicates that you may have to be more careful about what personal information you place in your ads and you should find out more about protecting your online safety.

We encourage you to use this quiz as a guide only, as you may or may not see fit.
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