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Can A Man Understand A Woman's Needs?

Can you find an understanding man?

For a man to understand another man, it's not a huge task. The men get together and figure out what the problem is, then figure out who to blame for it.

Statue of a ManFor a man to understand a woman it's a much harder sequence of events that need to occur.

The man and the woman need to connect emotionally to be able to understand each other.

This is a huge leap for a man to make, to start thinking with the emotional part of his brain.

Oftentimes, a woman is looking for the perfect man so she can be understood.

A perfect man is often described as:

  • able to clean up after himself, for example pickup his socks
  • able to care for others and empathize with them
  • toned body but not monstrously so
  • able to handle responsibility, to take on and complete tasks
  • financially secure
  • confident in his future

This perfect man has to have enough self reassurance that he does not fear women, he does not fear opening up to women, and he does not fear woman opening up to him.

Above all, the perfect man must have confidence enough to spare. The confident man is a positive influence on the people around him. In times of trouble he is a calming influence. During good times he is joyous enough to share his joy with the people around him.

For a man to understand a woman and her needs he has to already be able to understand his own needs.

An understanding man is a rare gem, and like all gems starts off as a rough stone. And through careful sculpting and polishing the roughest piece of carbon becomes a shining diamond. An understanding man is a man that has been able to look beyond himself and his own needs, growing to maturity, while being open to the world around him.

If you're looking for this perfect man look to yourself first.

Understand what you need in a man for him to be perfect, and you'll be on the road to finding him.

When a man and woman can understand and appreciate their differences they can also understand themselves and each other better.

This mutual understanding, has to go beyond the spoken word and be felt as a feeling, as emotional feeling that is shared.

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Wishing you well,
Robert Lee


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