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Love Is Only A Shared Experience: Inside The Mind of a Man

You can love each other again!

Men are logically emotional people.

Does that make sense?

You’ve certainly seen how men behave when confronted with a problem.

They hunker down and logically go through the process of finding the solution step by step. They invite friends to help with this breakdown process until the ‘thing’ is fixed and congratulations can be offered all around.

But when an emotional issue arises they don’t have the tools to deal with it. And neither do the men that could help with other physical and mechanical problems.

Yet, a man emotionally connects to you, physically reacts to you, and still doesn’t understand the process of how he discovers attraction and love.

His woman leads him through this process of endearment and commitment. When his woman can communicate how to express the love he feels that connection grow and become stronger with every effort she makes.

A man needs to be lead down the road of love to discover his romantic side, to create in him the emotional frontier that he has yet to explore.

Force and compulsion do not work to bring a man to reveal his romantic side. You cannot, by force, have a man reveal his deeply romantic feelings for you.

Leading a man to reveal his love for you is a matter of understanding that a man feels love he does not have ownership over it.

A man’s love is a shared experience or it does not exist at all.

We are going well beyond the physical, sexual attraction that may have been the flame that started the fiery passion you have shared into the less understood area of what compels a man to proclaim his love for you.

And for you to identify that the man you have attraction for is the man that will remain with you always, yours in a committed relationship that will survive the certain rocky issues that will arise.

Will you, not your man, have the strength and skills to navigate the rough patches and remain the model of love that he has known and may have seem to have put aside for other endeavours?

Just as men do not share their emotions with other men (rarely), they will share their emotions with the woman that has led him to the safe places where his emotions can be revealed, expressed and accepted only when it is emotionally safe to do so.

If there was one ideal of love that we could all aspire to love would truly not exist. Love would become a “place” that all could equally find.

Love is not a pilgrimage, not a once in a life time event.

Love is travelling on the long relationship road with an understanding, caring and patient partner.

You are that partner. You want to be that person.

You can choose to have love redeem your efforts and reward you with the caring man you want to have again in your life. Reclaim romance.

Your romantic man is there; he has just lost his way.

Through life’s changes you have become separated and the both of you are straying from the intense love you had at the beginning.

But this love is not lost.

This passion has not been completely extinguished; it has merely been covered over with the layers of adult and family responsibilities, work complexities and routine hum-drum activities.

Break the routine cycle and reclaim love. You know where your love is, on what part of the road love lies.

It is your responsibility to bring your man closer to you again.

Help him find his emotional desire. For you.

Start your efforts to get the romance back by understanding when this separation on the road of love started to happen. Was it a change in jobs? A new baby? Outside forces that demand too much attention?







Five steps that will bring you closer than ever before in your current relationship or a new relationship in the future.

Identify: Take the time to determine when your relationship romance went from hot to warm, and now cool, if simmering at all. When you can identify these changes in your life together you can find the way to deal with them and accept the changes as a part of a maturing relationship.

Claim: Claim ownership of your emotional life, of love and all the efforts that will have to be made to reignite your passion together. You have the power to restart the burning hot flame of passion that you previously shared. Love to takes two to share but only one flame to reignite the fire.

Attract: Start with the small steps that will bring your separate roads together again. Love and affection that is shared is the attraction that binds two people together. No grand gestures required, small doses of deep thoughts, small touches of caring. These bring attraction to the top of your togetherness.

Renewal: As you rediscover love together there is renewal in your relationship. New life in your love. Accept the things you can change and you will find your relationship renewing itself into a new cooperative togetherness that can only be shared my maturing love.

Excitement: Take the joy you have together into new areas of excitement and energy to be shared. Create excitement in small doses and large moves that inspire the inner emotional spirit to reclaim the feeling of love you share.


And so you will follow this as a new ritual, a new boundary of what you can do and what you can create to inspire love to bloom in your relationship. Fidelity and trust is the cooperative emotional balance that you will hold as the bar to strive for.

This is your opening introduction to the power you have; to the power you have to choose the romance you will have in your life.

I am excited for you. This begins a new opportunity of love and passion for you to share with the man in your life.

This is truly the first step to many revelations of your relationship. I am very excited for you.

Thank you for spending this time with me,
Robert Lee


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