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The Warning Signs of a Dying Relationship

The pillars of a healthy relationship

Have you ever been in an enabling relationship?

Inside the Mind of a Man DVD ProgramThis is where you allow something to continue even though you know it's wrong or unhealthy or destructive. Sometimes you even help with the toxic act just to keep the peace in the relationship.

Have you been in a relationship that turned toxic?

Have you had to deal with a partner that was at times overly clingy and at other times distant?

What are the warning signs that you should be looking for?

The biggest dealbreaker in relationships between men and women is the trust issue. When trust is gone the relationship is out the window.

That is the first sign that you should be looking for: trust.

Can you trust him? Does he trust you? Are they are automatic situations where there is no trust between the both of you, or simply from one to the other?

The second sign you should be looking for is: honesty.

If there is no honesty then any truth that the relationship was based on is gone. Are there secrets that are being kept? Is he, or are you, unwilling to face the possibility that there is dishonesty in the relationship?

The third sign you should look for is: affection.

I have been witness to couples stringing their relationship along "just because" and no other reason. When there is no effort being made to keep the relationship alive, no romance, no surprises, then the relationship is dead, drifting until swept up by other circumstances, such as cheating or abandonment.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy then you need a good dose of understanding.

If you cannot empathize with your partner's place in the relationship, with their actions, needs, desires, then you have lost hope in the relationship and this is your wake up call to do something about it.

You need to open yourself up to "understanding" what part your partner plays in your life.

You need to see men in a new way, through an open window, not a shuttered mind and spirit.

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Wishing you great relationships,
Robert Lee

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