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Inside The Mind of a Man: What A Guy Thinks

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As I was writing this article I figured it would be quite easy to do.

List a bunch of things that guys think about and their reasons. Show them to be the hopeless men that they are and close the article.

But as I was creating my list of what a guy thinks about things, I realized that that really isn't all that important.

Really, who cares what a guy thinks when he's bowling, working, driving, all that crap, if it doesn't involve you!

Now, I don't mean to paint women as narcissists but the fact is, what really matters is what the guy, any guy, thinks about YOU when he's doing something else.

When you need to think like a man, it isn't what he's do in a lifesaving event, it's what he'd do FOR YOU in a lifesaving event.

Now, I'm not saying that a guy has to give up his life for you, but it's really quite close to that, isn't it?

You're looking for a guy to offer you romance, safety and an endearing relationship. He IS, at the very least, changing his life for you. And you know what else? He will rebel against a lot of these changes.

His attitudes, moods, behaviors and selfishness will test you to your limit.

Maybe this is even a reason for a past breakup of yours. You just couldn't "figure him out" and had to get out of the relationship before you were sucked into his... well, you know what I mean.

You need to understand the basic areas of maturity in  man and a man/boy and be able to handle him through the various stages and emotions that he needs help dealing with (sometimes) if you can count on yourself to react properly and with compassion towards the man you care about (or will in the future).

His emotional maturity

Sharing his values

Intimacy issues

Being comfortable with his own feelings

How will he react about your feelings and emotions

Understanding and compassion with these issues that may get between you and your man are what every person needs. Understanding why a person behaves a certain way and in different circumstances is the key to happiness for everyone in a relationship.

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Inside the Min dof a Man - screenshot DVD 2

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Best wishes,

Robert Lee

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