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Answers to "Is Online Dating Right For You?" Quiz

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Here are the answers to this quiz that helps you to find out if online dating is right for you. Hopefully our answers and explanations will further help you to discover if the online world is where you may be able to find happiness and even true love!

1. I have a limited circle of friends
True -
The online world is a great place to expand your friendship circle if you have a very small group of people that you can call friends in your day-to-day life. Most people do not have a large group of friends that will be able to fill all empty areas of time in our daily lives and going online is a great way to fill that time with people that you may not otherwise meet.

2. Through my work I am always introducing myself to new people
False -
If this were true, you'd have an ever-growing circle of relationships and should have little problem meeting new people and beginning new relationships.

3. I don’t like to go to bars and I have a hard time mingling
True -
Barhopping and other such "social activities" are not for all people, usually only the young or the very outgoing. At one point or another we all outgrow our "saloon days" and look for a more relaxing environment to meet people. What could be more relaxing than in your own home?

4. I don’t have time to sit in front of a computer
False -
For online dating and community services to be able to work for you a certain amount of time a week should be regularly available to share with online friends. Just as you plan your real world (off-line) activities, you should be able to schedule time for your online memberships and activities.

5. I am willing to try new ways to meet people
True -
For someone new to the online world, this really is a great new way to meet people, as long as you remember to maintain your own privacy and not reveal personal information before you are ready to talk in detail about yourself.

6. I don’t mind filling out forms describing myself or someone that I’d like to meet
True -
Joining online dating services will require your attention to personal detail and the willingness to complete many questions about yourself truthfully and in detail (without revealing identifiable personal information) because you know that you can only make a first impression once. We recommend that you take some time and read some personal ads that already are posted at the service you are joining. You will quickly be able to find the type and style of writing that stands out from the majority of personal ads available and this will help you in your goal of meeting that certain special someone.

7. I am shy in social situations
True -
Face-to-face situations may turn you into a hibernating bear, but online communication that allows for immediate revision and changes of what you are saying before you've "sent" it better suits you and allows you to speak up where normally you may have remained quiet.

8. I enjoy receiving emails and instant messages
True -
Coming home from a hard day at work and planning to relax in front of the computer can be a regular part of your life, if you enjoy it. If you dread replying to messages and usually try to hide your online presence from your contact list buddies, the world of online communication may not be for you.

9. There are no singles clubs in my town
True -
Small towns, out of the way areas and even large cities that are uninviting for single men and women can make it hard to meet other single people. Online communities can allow you to find like-minded people and begin to share friendships where none might otherwise exist. As well, you may be able to find singles information about your city or town through an online service that you would not otherwise have found.

10. I am open to new experiences
True -
Life is a learning process and this is no more apparent than when your communication with others becomes reliant upon a box of somewhat unknown and rather expensive parts that sit on, or under, your desk. Your new experiences have already begun, since your computer and internet connection were required to get this far. If you answered anything other than true to this question (and you only had one other choice) you were either lying to yourself or to the quiz you just took. Which is it?

Remember: A score of 80% or more indicates that you will feel more comfortable in front of your computer talking to someone than a face-to-face first time meeting.
A score of 60% or more indicates that you will most likely be comfortable meeting people online and possibly enjoy online dating services.
A score of 40% or less indicates that you may have closer options to meeting people than you are aware of and should use online dating only if you are serious about it.

We encourage you to use this quiz as a guide only, as you may or may not see fit.
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