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Love, American-Style Meets Dumping, Dutch-Style

Lisa Daily, Dream Girl and author of Stop Getting Dumped! Stop Getting Dumped! Survival Guide By Lisa Daily

There's a new Dutch website that's creating quite a buzz here in the States.

Why? It offers so-appalling-they're-funny tips on how to dump your partner.

The site suggests women tell their not-so-loved one they want a baby (um, that'll do it...) and recommends men buy their girlfriend underwear that is much too big. (Nothing quite kills romance like under-the-armpits granny panties in Extra Large.)

And, if you're too much of a weenie to go the deceptive and cruel route, you can even download a couple Dear John (would that be Dear Jän?) letters complete with blanks to be filled in by you, the dumper, with the name of your soon-to-be disposed-of loved one.

As variety is the spice of heartbreak, you can choose from a nasty poem, or a terse, business-style letter.

Unless you are on the receiving end of such a letter, most people will probably find the site to be quite comical (and probably even more so if you read Dutch.)

It has proved so popular that in the few days after it was launched, that more than 180,000 people visited the site. The huge amount of media coverage in the U.S. has likely generated thousands of American visitors, who despite the language barrier, can be certain they've landed on the right site when they're greeted with the animated men and women stuffing their exes head-first into trash cans. (That, and the fact that the Dutch word for "DUMP" is apparently "DUMP.")

The site also includes helpful Dump Links to other useful sites, including the Kleenex website (for tearful dissolutions) and someone called Tattoo Bob, who I assume, can assist you in removing your ex's name (and any accompanying pledge of eternal love) from your forearm.

Or at the very least camouflage it with a lovely display of daisies or some sort of circling shark.

Is this the work of a broken-hearted depressive? No. The answer to a public outcry for breakup assistance?

No again. It is, an advertising campaign, devised by Dutch communications company Young Works to sell vacations, and according to a CNN report, "working on the assumption that people want to go away for a fling without the shackles of a loved one at home."

Sure, the site may unshackle you in time for your trip to Tahiti, but by the time your Visa bill arrives and your sunburn starts to peel, you'll have collected enough bad Karma to follow you around for a lifetime.

About Lisa Daily:

Lisa Daily is the Dating & Relationships Expert on DAYTIME, a nationally-syndicated morning TV show, and the bestselling author of Stop Getting Dumped!, How to Date Like a Grownup (Jan 2009) and Fifteen Minutes of Shame (a novel.)

She is also also a syndicated dating columnist, and has been quoted in thousands of magazines and newspapers, from Cosmopolitan to the New York Times to Men’s Health and seen everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to MTV. Lisa also appeared as a real life “date doctor” in the HITCH movie DVD starring Will Smith.

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Lisa Daily is the author of Stop Getting Dumped! All you need to know to make men fall madly in love with you and marry “The One” in 3 years or less. At bookstores everywhere. As seen in Cosmopolitan, The Other Half and The Sally Show Get our FREE Dating Tips newsletter - chock-full of man-snagging techniques, at


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