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Long Term Match Dating Tips

Warning! A Must Read for Men Looking for a Long Term Match

One of the biggest life decisions you will make as a man is choosing a woman to make a long term commitment to. Have you ever been initially attracted to a woman only to find that as you got to know her more, you found less to like?

We are not talking about one night stands or even casual dating. The mature man who is contemplating a long term relationship is looking for more, but how do you prepare for finding the right qualities in a woman?

Smart men do their homework first. After all, we are talking about a long term relationship that may lead to marriage. You could just jump into a relationship but if it does not work out you have probably wasted a lot of time.

Women should not be the only ones who get to pick and choose. Men have a lot at stake too. Research has shown that more men are choosing to stay single longer rather than become involved with the wrong woman.

So, how do you prepare yourself to find Ms. Right? It is a lot easier than you might think.

Surprisingly, making a list of what you do not want is often the best way to get clear on what you do want.

Helping you get started:

Think about past relationships and what went wrong

How did you become involved in that relationship?

Was your past relationship based solely on physical attraction?

How did you really feel about her?

Did you trust her?

How did you handle arguments?

Did you know or like her family?

Were there times when her lack of education, intelligence or values bothered you?

The purpose here guys is to help you make a list of no-no’s so you will not waste your time pursuing the wrong woman. On the flip side, nailing down the things that turned you off lets you have a clearer picture of what you are seeking.

Things to ask yourself before you commit:

Can you communicate with her about everything from money to holiday planning?

Is she trustworthy?

Does she share your family values?

Do you both agree on whether to have a family or not?

Shared interests or hobbies?

Views on intimacy and attitudes toward sex?

Do the two of you plan to share financial responsibility?

Can you agree to disagree?

So now you should be getting the idea that knowing what you do not want will also give you insight on what you do want. If you were buying a car you would probably know exactly what you wanted.

A smart guy would probably do a lot of research to find just the right model, why should preparing to find the right woman be any different?

The man who has taken the time to be honest with him self is a prepared man. He knows what is important to him and now he can begin seeking women with like views.

It turns out that in today’s world it has never been easier to find the right woman. Whether you are a busy man or just a little shy, the internet is full of dating sites to help you in your search.

A little known fact is that many men are finding women of other ethnic backgrounds from their own that “fits the bill”. For example, if finding a woman with strong family values is important to you then you might consider an Indian woman.

Guys, finding the right woman is too important to rely on the same old bar scene. The right woman is out there. All you have to do is be prepared by first being honest about what “right” means to you and then explore all your options for finding her.



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