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Five Things To Do To Get Your Girlfriend Back

Your 5 steps to getting her back

Getting my girlfriend back is hard but being without her is harder. I understand.

The Magic of Making Up ebookDon't let getting your girlfriend back up to chance. These are the five things you need to do so you can get your girlfriend back, because buddy, being able to say "My girlfriend loves me" is a lot better than saying "I'll be going out alone, again, tonight".

# 5

Don't play hard to get too much. To learn how to get your girlfriend back you need to be available, but not so available that she just keeps slamming the door in your face. Just because breakups happen doesn't mean that they can't be fixed.. You need to 'communicate' but not too much. Scale back from what you've been doing.  Let her know, subtlety, that you still are interested in her.


Drop her a friendly email. You need to be casual, not all hung up, so she can remember the better you, before the breakup. A friendly email a very couple of days, with just a quick "How are you", "What's up?" and "I miss you" is just fine. No thousand word essays about love and what you used to have together. This does not mean a hundred text messages, emails and phone calls a day either.


If you're determined to get your girlfriend back, and you do want to learn this, then one of the things you need to do is stay away from other girls. Some will say to play the jealousy card, but I say don't push it. If she thinks you're looking bon replacement girlfriends you just might lose any chance you had of getting her back.


Remember the good times you had and use these memories to send her a card, reminding her of anniversaries you share, and important dates in her life. If you want her to be the princess in your life you have to remember the good times and what was most important to her. But don't be pushy about remembrances, how you remind her needs to be a little fun and a lot harmless.


You should nor be afraid to contact her, email or text message, but keep the conversation and your intent fun and harmless or she may feel you are trying to smother her (again!). Let her know you still care and that you still think about her. Don't talk to her about you going out with other women. If she knows you're still single, not pursuing other girls, and that you still think about her, in time you might just get your girlfriend back.

This has been a "Beginners guide to getting your girlfriend back" article.

"Getting my girlfriend back" is a step we have all tried at one point in our lives or another. And how to do this is different for every man, every couple. Read as much as you can and use the advice that most seems to fit your own breakup dilemma.

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