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Avoiding A Love Break Up

Small changes can lead to bigger problems

If you’ve ever had your love break up you know how painful the breakup is. The Magic of Making Up ebookAnd if you thought back about what happened after the relationship ended, you probably saw all the signs of it happening that you that you didn’t recognize before.

If you’ll remember those signs and keep them in mind, they can help you prevent a break up in the future, in your next relationship or in the second chance you might receive.

One sure sign of impending love break up is the lack of physical contact, not just intimacy. This doesn’t just mean sex.

If your partner suddenly stops having an interest in sexual relations, that’s a nig hint that a break up is coming. But the normal flow and rhythm of a relationship has times when there’s lots of sex and times when there’s not much sex, as other things in life take precedence. This is natural.

A love break up is probably on the horizon though, if your partner stops holding your hand for an unknown reason.

Or he or she stops putting an arm over your shoulder at the movies or in public when he or she made a habit of it before. Any sudden changes like not touching you innocently outside the bedroom when your partner was always very affectionate before could signal problems.

If it goes beyond not touching to the person actually becoming uncomfortable at your touch, such immediate moves as shrinking back from your touch, then you definitely need to have a conversation with your partner about what’s going on.

Don’t just assume that because your partner flinched away from your touch that there’s about to be a love break up, though. Many things can cause a person to not want to be touched at any given moment. Only go with what you know for sure and you need to know by asking what is happening to your relationship.

A person might have been thinking of something else and been surprised or startled by the touch. He or she might think that your touch signals that it’s time to have sex, if you’re not very affectionate except when you want to be intimate. And maybe your partner isn’t in the mood for sex now and chose to show you that by moving away from your touch. So slow down, don't jump to conclusions, this doesn’t mean you’re headed for a love break up.

Your partner might simply not feel well. Every change in a person’s behavior doesn’t signal an impending love break up or even anything wrong with the relationship.

You have to watch closely for a while to determine if some behavior is an occasional thing, something brought on only during certain times, or if it’s a permanent part of the person’s personality.

Catching your partner in lies, even what seem like small and harmless ones, could be a sign of problems, too.

After all, if it's a small white lie, why tell it in the first place? Where there’s one tiny lie, larger and more damaging lies can grow.

Don’t become convinced it’s a love break up right away though. People lie about many things that aren’t bad, like surprise parties and reunions. Your partner might be trying to keep a harmless and fun secret like that, instead of scheming about a love break up.

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