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Just Because She Dumped You Doesn't Mean It's Over

That one fight doesn't mean it's over yet

Although she called it off, many women ask to get back together within a couple of days because their reasons for breakup were not well thought out and it's not what they want now.

The Magic of Making Up ebookIn 75% or breakups it's the woman that calls it off and after a couple of days another 30% resent their decision but are too self-confident to get back together right away.

What you need to do is, from her perspective, find out what went wrong and how you can correct it.

Was she bored? Then you spice things up.

Does she wants a better dressed guy? Get a new wardrobe.

Were you smothering her? Take a night class or find a hobby to occupy more of your time to give her more space.

You need to show her that you ARE the type of man she wants to date, now that you COULD be... do you understand the difference?

Anyone 'could change' but she needs to he that you 'have changed'.

Another way is to become a guy that women chase after. A new attitude with a new wardrobe will have women all over you. Once you become popular and in-demand, she'll really want you back. Women want a unique man, but they also want a man that other women want. Curious, isn't it?

Even if you don't want to date anyone, flirting is just as good to put yourself out there as available, even if you're just waiting for your ex to come back to you.

Watch her to see if she is showing interest in other guys, or just waiting for you. You'll see this in her actions and body language. Since you're not together right now there is a different behavior pattern for the both of you.

Not changing your behavior as described above is a big mistake, you need to woo her back by letting her observe the changes in you, and by being a little unavailable to her.

If this doesn't work, well, she really didn't want you from the get-go. But in most cases she'll be back with you because women are forgiving creatures.

Make sense?

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