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Changing What Went Bad To Get Him Back

5 Strategies To Follow To Get Him Back

You've tried to move on, you've dated other guys, but you still want your ex back.

The Magic of Making Up ebookAfter a breakup common wisdom says you should date other people, to help you forget him and maybe find someone better.

But what if there is no one better and you still want him back?

Here are five approaches you need to take to get your boyfriend/lover back:

1. Stop spending time and energy on people that aren't your ex. Prepare your mind, body and soul to be back together again with him. Flirting with other men and going on dates aren't going to help you get your ex back this time.

2. Don't chase after your ex like some lonely, exiled teenager. Keep your self-respect and don't be calling him, texting him and other annoying ways to contact him. To get your self-respect back you need to realize that your life is not yet tied with this man, your ex. You need to keep your dignity and this will help you to get your ex back.

3. Concentrate on your ex's good points. Write down a list of all the ways you appreciate him. This will help to put him into sharper focus and help you realize all the ways you are good together and at some point, later, you'll be able to share this list with him.

4. When you do get back together, go to new places, not the same old haunts that you did when you were a couple before. Experience new places and new things. Share a greater part of the world with him, and don't fall into the old pattern of your relationship before the breakup.

5. Create a destiny that the both of you will share together. Don't let only fate be the deciding factor in your new relationship, write out your own "couple's destiny" map and plan to start living it.


When you want your ex back, and dating other guys isn't working, take an inner inventory and an inventory of your ex before the breakup. The commonalities will bring you back together if you follow the advice in this article.

Make sense?

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