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Emotional Infidelity

The first signs of a cheater

When the relationship bond of monogamy is being broken there are always tell-take signs to alert you, if you know and understand what they are.

The Magic of Making Up ebookEmotional infidelity is always the first relationship rule to be broken, thoughts wander towards lust of a third person.

This might not mean that your relationship is doomed, but it certainly place sit on shaky ground when someone is looking outside the relationship for physical and/or emotional support and understanding.

Your true bond of a relationship is about sharing yourself completely with the other, and only the other. Revealing and receiving support completely and without judgement from the person you care most about. When the emotional connection is lost, people wander. The chance of the relationship being affected by an affair greatly increase.

Emotional fidelity is when someone is looking for another person to fill their emotional needs outside of their current marriage or dating relationship.

Warning sign 1:

You become a stranger in your own relationship. You don't know what your partner is doing and alone time is often sought by your partner.

Warning sign 2:

Contact with another person are growing stronger by your partner. Maybe this person's name keeps popping up in conversations you have, maybe they start to call more. At first you may feel this is nothing to worry about, but the time spent away from you seems to grow as your partner find other things to do without you. There may be no actual sex involved at this stage, but there may be lustful preparations happening in your partner's or their new close friend's mind.

Warning sign 3:

When you see your partner and this other person together, at a large gathering perhaps, you can feel the sexual chemistry and tension between the two of them, as they hold onto each other's thoughts and actions. Emotional infidelity causes people to act quite differently around others than they do around you. Everybody has friends, keep this in mind, but but everybody suddenly becomes much closer to someone of the opposite sex without warning bells sounding for the future of your relationship. Confiding in someone isn't necessarily meaning that an affair is occurring, it's totally appropriate for someone to have a close friend outside of the relationship. But if you see signs of guilt in your partners actions towards you, watch out!

Warning sign 4:

The suspicion that they are hiding something from you. No one hides their relationships with friends, but they do about possible lovers. When they are hiding something, in actions or words, it means there is something to hide.

Warning sign 5:

Disengagement. They start to pull away and are secretive about the things they do and where they go. If your partner becomes distant or hostile when questioned, this is a very big sign of something inappropriate happening in their lives, apart from you. Not worrying about what you are doing, or suddenly applauding and encouraging you to do more things on your own is a big way to hide what they are doing while your occupied.

You need to catch emotional infidelity in its early stages an fix it. This can be tough to do, but if you suspect emotional infidelity in your relationship, then you need to seek out and advice and instruction on how to fix your relationship.

Make sense?

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