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Get Her Back By Looking Your Best

Show that you're meant to be together

If you really think that you are and your ex - girlfriend are meant to be together then you have to learn how to get her back.

The Magic of Making Up ebookTo get the results you want takes planning and patience. You won't get her back overnight, but by learning what to do you will succeed sooner rather than never.

1 - Although this will be the hardest thing you do, and may almost seem crazy, you need to cut off talking and messaging her for a while. Yes, this will be tough and it may even feel as though it is killing you (any it might just hurt her a lot too) but after a while she will really (hopefully) have the need to talk with you quite bad and begin communicating with you first. This is the first step in getting your exgirlfriend back.

2 - You need to look like you are in control of yourself, emotionally and physically. Stand up, be strong. Allow yourself to recover emotionally and you will find that in this new calmness she might just appreciate you more than before. Pull your life together and get over those feelings if you want to learn how to bring her back into your life again.

3 - Lessen the stress you feel about your breakup by flirting with a new girl. While some of the time this might not be the best move, once you have been calmed down about your breakup you can find new friends, and new flirts, to not only keep you occupied but also to turn the jealousy step on your ex-girlfriend too. You might just make her jealous enough to jump right back into your life again.

4 - Play it cool to not show that you desperately want her back. If nothing is bothering you, then nothing about your breakup matters and she'll sense that you are in a positive place in your life, not all moody and depressed over your break-up. Have a good time, as best you can, and keep any doubts to yourself. Don't tell friends, don't allow your breakup to be gossip fodder!

5 - When you're dressed to kill every girl wants you... and this is what you need to do! Be at your best dressed all the time. When you take the time to look and dress at your best your ex will notice and likely respond positively.

This has been a "Beginners guide to getting your girlfriend back" article.

"Getting my exgirlfriend back" is something every guy has faced at one time or another. Read all that you can so you know what to do, how to do it and when.

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