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Don’t Write Off the Relationship Just Because She Dumped You

Get Back Together With Ex

Do you want to get back together with ex? Don’t write off the relationship just because she dumped you.

More often than not it's the woman that initiates the breakup.

The Magic of Making Up ebookEven if she acted out of anger or haste, you're now separated and you want her back still.

What you need to do is figure out what went wrong and fix it.

Are you really the guy that she wants to date?

Do you need an image makeover to get her back?

Think through your relationship, did she stare at other guys because of their clothes, their hair, their attitude?

This is a major wakeup call for you, buddy... get on the train and make the changes that will help you win her back!

And if you're hanging around, doing nothing, just waiting for her to come over or call, you're on the tracks to "Loserville" pretty fats. You need to be a man of action! You need to be a man in demand!

First off, go out, mingle... meet people, see other women... casually, of course, but be wanted again and she just might want you back!

No one dates losers or wussies. Grow a backbone, stand up, be someone!

If you're not sure you want to "see" other women, try flirting instead... just be in-demand and wanted. This will build your self-confidence up again, this will make you marketable again.

And women fall over themselves trying to get a piece of the "in-demand" guy.

And when your ex does come around to be in the same places you are, keep cool. No begging, no in-depth relationship talks, be happy, keep smiling and mingling. Let her seek you out and keep cool. Let her be the one to say that she misses you... that maybe she was wrong after all. That she does want you back.

That is what you want right?

So, in conclusion, don't let a breakup destroy your social life. keep active, try new things, she'll like that!

Make sense?

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