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Getting Over Your Break Up: The Steps of Recovery

Does it hurt so much your heart is going to explode?

This is all par for the course when you are getting over break up.

Are you so angry and upset over your breakup that your emotions switch from rage to sadness without warning?

The Magic of Making Up ebookChanges to our relationships are often expressed with very real feelings of uncontrollable whatever. This is real... this needs to be controlled.

If your ex sees you this out of control do you really think they'll ever want you back again?

You need to regain control and understand that what you are feeling is no less genuine that losing a loved one to some horrible accident. So you need to be able to mourn your breakup, to be able to experience the anger, then the healing, then the support of family and friends and finally, maybe, your loved one will come back to you.

The first thing you should do is clear your head, listen to some favorite music. And then start writing a letter to your loved one. Pour out your heart. Write down all your feelings.

Write down why you loved them so much. Write down the sadness you feel, the anger too. Call them names, vent all your frustrations out on the paper.

When you are done writing, take a few minutes to calm yourself again. Then, in a healing ritual, light a candle and burn the letter. Let all those emotions, those feelings, be released into the heavens with the letter as it burns. This is but one of many rituals that can speed the recovery from a breakup, to get yourself right again with yourself.

The next step is to get all the stuff back that they left with you you during the relationship. Empty out your cupboards as you cleanse your emotional well-bring.

Work out an agreeable time to give the stuff back and do it, even if you need a friend's help to do the actual exchange for you.

And take all the gifts that were given to you during the relationship and box them up. Hide them away. This ritual will help you to see more clearly through your own eyes, not being blinded by small remembrances of them.

When all of this is completed, cut off all communication with your ex for thirty days. No calls, no texts, no messages of any kind. Give yourself time to heal.

The final step is to rebuild the single life that you once had. Because you deserve another chance of happiness.

Make sense?

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