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How To Say You're Sorry

I Want You Back: It all starts with saying "I'm sorry"

Saying you're sorry to get your ex back doesn't have to be difficult.

If it's been a few days, weeks or months you can still talk to them in an apologetic way that will help them to understand what you mean and what they mean to you, even after the breakup.

The Magic of Making Up ebookYou need to be focused and committed to making amends and making the relationship work again.

The first thing you need to do is look back and find what went wrong in your relationship and what you can do to make it right. No more blaming the other, take a humble approach and admit to yourself and your ex that change for the better is possible. Remember, it takes two people to breakup so be honest and take some of the responsibility no matter what the original reason for breaking up was.

The end point is that to get someone back, you're going to need an effective top drawer apology. The apology must serve two ends: an explanation of why you're sorry and a further explanation of what you're going to do so that this destructive behavior never occurs again. Get these two points across and your apology will work for you.

Explaining to your ex about why you're sorry for what has happened, means that you have taken the time to sit and figure out what your ex found so objectionable about your behavior. If you find it difficult to dispassionately figure this out, then you might need to go and talk to a professional about the specifics of your situation.

A professional can help you see things from the point of view of your ex and if you want to get someone back, this could be the key. What this doesn't mean is that you become a doormat for your ex and agree with whatever they say and whatever they object to. That is why it is good to have a professional third party look at the situation and give you their thoughts. If they believe your ex has a point about an aspect of your behavior, then they will tell you and go they may even go on and work with you to change that behavior.

The second part of your apology, as said, involves explaining to your ex how what happened will never happen again. This is when you present your ex with the plan that you have put in place to ensure no repeat of what happened. When your ex hears about your well thought out plan, as you attempt to get someone back, it will be in your favor. Your ex will see that you are serious and sincere in what you're saying. So if you are working with a professional, this is a great indicator to your ex that there is hope for a second chance.

Above all, be honest and sincere and your second chance with your ex will be far more likely.

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