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My Relationship Self Help Tips

Don't let things left undone break up your relationship

Relationships might be able to bring out the best in us, but many times it is the root for needing self help advice.

Your relationship opens new doors, new opportunities and new frustrations that need to be dealt with maturely and in partnership with your significant other.

The Magic of Making Up ebookMost self esteem issues are directly tied to relationships we have but aren't completely comfortable with. It doesn't matter if you are dating or in a marriage or just in love with someone special, it can either make you feel better or worse about yourself.

We work hard to find the one who will love us and make us feel like we are on top of the world, unfortunately that doesn't always happen.

You have to find out if the issues in your relation ship are due to what is currently happening in your relationship or if it is baggage you've been carrying around from when you were single or involved with someone else.

 It can be exhausting trying to find the original root of the issues that threaten your relationship but one thing is sure, you have real problems to deal with now.

The best thing to do is to try and fix the relationship that you are in now so that you and your spouse or partner can help overcome each other's personal challenges. You might decide to read some self help books and utilize different self help techniques you find in books and online.

When your relationship is strong there will be no more need to concentrate on healing yourself because you will have a partner to help you overcome your issues.

First, though, you need to work on building your relationship to a strong point. Seeking out some good marriage counselors or others who can give good relationship advice id a good start.

One thing that is going to help you is to never allow yourself to be criticized, or at least don't internalize it your issues. Also make sure you don't criticize the one you love, that you be as kind as you would like to be treated.

Remember, there is no such thing as constructive criticism. There is nothing constructive about it. All it does is make one feel less powerful than the other and it is used to manipulate much in the same way an abuser does. A relationship is not a power struggle and it is not a war. Quit treating it like that and there won't be any fights to win or lose just an even, strong relationship to enjoy.

There are some more things that you can do to help your relationship. Where you are separated by beliefs, try talking it out and instead of pointing out where each other is wrong or where their weaknesses are try to find common ground. Take time to discuss what each other's roles are in the relationship. Also discuss what you expect of the other. Let your partner know what hurts but also let them know what it is you want or need them to do and try to offer the same to them.

Whether you are dating or involved in a marriage there are many things that you can do to help better your situation. Once the two of you have worked to repair your relationship and put away any talks of a possible separation or divorce, short-term separation, or just simply breaking up, the two of you can work together to make each other better people.

Your relationship will help you help yourself image and will help you overcome all those things that hold you back when you can depend on your partner to be strong with you.

You need a starting point to find that inner strength to heal your relationship.

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