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She Broke Up With You And You Want Her Back?

This is what you can do to get your girlfriend back

By T Dub Jackson

Most people find themselves asking "What can I do to get my ex girlfriend back" following a breakup.

They begin to start thinking and philosophizing about everything that could have been done differently.

The Magic of Making Up ebookIf you play the "blame game" then you're going to lose her forever.

You might think that writing apology letters and other things that might be able to help them get their relationship back.

This is usually a very bad idea: Because you can never really tell what the real reasons were behind a breakup. (Unless, of course, you cheated on her.)

Women are emotional and sometimes not having that emotional support led to the breakup, along with other painful things that may have happened along the way and they may not know what is making them feel the way they do when they did what they did.

A lot of the time it is only harmful to lose all your energy trying to figure out what went wrong. You need to focus on the "here and now" and what direction your future will take.

The first main strategy to answer the question about "what can I do to get my ex girlfriend back" is to put the  relationship out of your mind for a while, putting your energy into something else.

Go out, make friends, have fun, network, and enjoy being a single male without a female hanging on you. Set some achievable goals about expanding your seduction kit when it comes to seducing and meeting people.

Give yourself a few weeks or a couple of months and make changes in your life. Take some time away from your ex and rediscover your single manness.

The effect that actions like this will have, is that it will allow you to make positive gradual changes in your life. And in how you can deal with the subject of relationships. After a few months, you may have a much better idea of how you want to proceed with your ex as well as have a much improved outlook on relationships to really make it work this time..

Do you still want to get back together with her? Or are you ready to move on? Act accordingly. If you still want to get back together with her, then that is the time to figure out how she is feeling about you.

At that time it will be your chance to be a little more direct in words and deeds when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend back. You need to play strategically, however. Never beg her to get back with you, because this is not a good time to be emotional. Demonstrate the changes you have made to yourself.

What you should be doing is playing things cool with your ex, occasional calls and emails, the "bump-in" at the mall, that sort of thing... keep the torch you may still have burning for her under it's sheet. If you have spent enough time apart from her, she is probably missing you as badly as you are missing her and wondering what to do next too.

Play hard to get a little (but not a lot hard to get) and show her that you are doing fine as a single man, without trying to make her jealous of other girls. This will help her to really rethink your relationship and why you broke up.

And if getting back together with your ex really is meant to be, now is the time when it will become apparent. Be careful not to analyze things too much, because over analyzing may prevent you from acting the right way when trying to figure out "what can I do to get my ex girlfriend back".

Just take things slow and play them cool and you should be fine.

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