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Creating Emotional Ties With A Man

Changing him from "love'em and leave'em" to committing his love to you

If you ever thought that you could have "The One" and then change him into "The One Better" you probably know by now that it just doesn't happen.

Men don't change.

But that doesn't mean you have to change or lower your expectations of a guy, you just have to understand him at his level.

Guy's aren't afraid of commitment, there just isn't a rulebook out there for how they really can "Be a Man" and still "Be the One".

Let's face it, his friends and you aren't going to agree on what he should be doing, how he should be spending his time. This rarely happens.

But, when you know how to communicate with him, instead of having to have "The Talk" (and you know what I mean), then you can see things equally and both of you can figure out how he can spend his time. Guy's don't worry how their women spend their time, generally it's understood that women have  a better handle on the whole "time well spent" ting so they just don't get involved to that level.

Men instinctively want their girlfriends or wives to be happy. That's what makes them tick. It's easy for them to understand "happy".

When a woman is sad or unhappy, how many men do you know that can race to her rescue and make things better with a "grand gesture"?

Zero. Right. That's how men are at understanding women and relationships.

That's why what you communicate isn't nearly as important as HOW you communicate it.

If you're all mad and screaming because the pickles went sour in the jar, he's going to e just as scared and confused as if you were accusing him of not paying any attention to you.

He doesn't understand. So the man withdraws.

Then the real problems start, don't they?

Let me tell you something: this doesn't have to be the road you're on. Not in your current relationship and not in any future relationship (if you're single now).

The key to better communication, to better relationships, and yes, to even starting the walk down the aisle, is all about what you learn now.

What you learn next.

And this is what's next:

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Let me turn this conversation with you (because I know you've been speaking back to me in your mind!) over to TW "T Dub" Jackson.

He has some words of wisdom to add to this conversation that I really think you need to hear about now.

I wish you all the happiness in the world,
Robert Lee

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