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Life Does Not Have An Escape Clause

When you're ready, he should be too!

When we were young and we did something bad or we felt bad it was find a place to run and hide to. Life is so much easier back then, wasn't it?

But now were all grown up and we have adult responsibilities. We deal with people random strangers and mere acquaintances. Dealing with personal relationships that we have with people is hardest of all.

Taking the plunge into marriageHow much of yourself do you give to another person to make yourself happy?

That's probably the question for the ages, and it certainly is the question that needs an answer in every personal relationship you'll have.

I like to think that there's an easy answer to that question really comes down to personal choices.

There was a time when marriage meant forever, and ever, and ever...

But not anymore. Divorce strikes 50% of all marriages. In some places. It's not even financially sound get married you end up paying more taxes than a single person might even if they are in a common-law relationship.

But when the time is right, marriage is the right path that you have in front of you. I'm not going to wax all romantic about what marriage is, but I will tell you that the value that two people hold in the marriage is the building block of a true relationship.

If all you're doing is "dating" while you are living together are you just playing at being married?

What is the risk of being in this strong relationship if there's always an escape clause?

If you can just walk out of relationship regardless of how many years you spent together is a relationship that you actually been working on?

Is it a relationship that you've been counting on?

Or is it just something you've always been prepared for, in the back of your mind, to walk away from?

This is why marriage is such a celebration, is the union of two people, forever.

People fight for the right marriage (not usually literally), but they certainly do work hard for the right to be married to their partner. A life partner.

When you're ready, you'll know it. Marriage is no small step. But it does take two for a marriage to begin. Your goal is to make certain that the person you love also wants to marry you.

And you want a marriage that has a partnership not an escape clause, this is why it's so important for you to understand how people get married and not just why they get married.

You are not stepping into an abyss when you examine all the facets of marriage, you are stepping in to hope.

You are moving yourself closer to true love.

You've made it this far, please continue on just a little bit more and listen to what my friend TW Jackson can add to the subject of helping you help the one you love decide on marriage as the proper step to true love in your relationship, please watch this video.

Don't waste another minute.
Best wishes,
Robert Lee


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